what would u do in this situation?

  1. finally i have decided to get total black chelsea leather satchel as many of u may recall i was a bit confused with my choices. now i need u girls to tell me whether i should get a matching wallet with it or should i spend that money on a gallery tote? if i get a gallery tote do u think it will be repetition of the same style ,i mean having too many bags with turnlocks since i have a leather signature hamptons carryall with the turnlock closure as well as leather carly. i am such a dumbo i can't make up my mind.
  2. I guess it depends upon how much you like the accessories. I have a couple of legacy bags, so once I find a style, I'm happy, so I don't worry about the turnlock issue--I love them!

    It might help to think about : 1) how would you use the bag, 2) do you need a different style (for work, etc) and 3) would you rather have a wallet or another bag?

    The wallets, etc are usually pretty expensive unless you find good deals at the outlet, so you may want to put your money toward another handbag.

    Turnlocks are a big part of the Coach style, so it's natural tha many of the bags have them. Good luck on your decision!
  3. I think the same, it depends on how much you really want that matching accessory!! I love their wallets and things, but hate to spend almost the price of another bag so I just don't! But usually you can get a pretty good deal on wallets/ accessories at the outlets for quite a bit less! At the boutique for me to get the matching siggy wallet to my chelsea it was $146 AFTER pce, I went to the outlet and they had the same pattern, different style wallet, for $95!! Needless to say, I got one at the outlet! ;)
  4. I'm not a matchy, matchy gal when it comes to my purse/wallet. I have 1 neutral Coach wallet that I use with EVERY Coach purse. It really adds up when you try and buy a new wallet with every new bag. If you don't already have a Coach wallet, I would buy a good wallet that is versatile. If you already have a Coach wallet, then I would go for the tote. :wlae:
  5. Oh I'd get the tote for sure unless you are not happy with your current wallet? I am not matchy matchy either...frankly my one and only wallet is an lv mono zippy wallet so it probably looks funny coming out of a Coach bag esp. when I'm carrying coach sig but I honestly don't care, LOL.
  6. I say go for the tote. I bought 2 bags at PCE and the SA's were trying to push the matching wallets on me but they are so expensive and frankly I'd go broke trying to match a wallet to every one of my bags. I have 2 nice wallets from the outlets, a black and a brown leather one. They serve their purpose nicely.