What Would tPFers do? (WWTD)

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  1. I really wanted the black corta pumps in patent after purchasing them in leather. The patent just makes my heart skip a beat. Saks is completely sold out in my size and no one else seems to have the shoe. Therefore, I purchased a half size smaller and a half size bigger. The smaller size is bearable but I can anticipate some serious pain after an hour. The half size larger is just that. Can I stuff? What would you tPFs do? :shrugs: I really love these shoes hence my desperation. :love:I feel like one of Cinderella's stepsisters.

  2. you can try dr. scholls heel liners for the size larger, they've helped me with shoes that were a bit loose and increase comfort in the heel area as well
  3. If the smaller size works for you it's possible that it will stretch out a little more. I'd wear them with socks, or take them to the cobbler to see if they can get them to give a little.

    I'd much rather deal with shoes that are a tiny bit too tight than loose and slipping off all over the place - and since I have the New Corta I can vouch for a little slippage (left heel). Drives me crazy! I'm going to try inserts and thicker heel grips, etc...
  4. Definately don't buy shoes that are really too small,if they are stechable that's diffrent, I would try the larger size and see if inlays heelgrippers insoles etc...can do the trick and if that's not enough...just call all stores and put yourself on a waitlist more will come in.
  5. can you put a ped down in the bottom of the larger ones? that's what i do with my shoes that are a little big. it really helps.
  6. I would see if I can put a pad and a heel grip in them... I don't think the patent will stretch much at all so I would make do with the half size larger
  7. Defintely try a shoepad and heel grippers as others have said. Too small is just not worth it.
  8. ITA. Keeping the half size smaller in hopes that they will stretch is a gamble. It's not worth them killing your feet.

    Good luck! :nuts:
  9. Maybe Saks will get more in your size? If not, I would go for the larger one.
  10. Thanks, ladies. I will look into the heel inserts. I do fear the small ones may result in ugly feet down the road and with sandal season around the corner I've got to keep the toes pretty.
  11. I would keep checking with your SA at Saks and hopefully he/she can track one down for you in your correct size. Since it is a classic, I bet one will surface with enough stalking! GOOD LUCK.