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  1. Funniest thing happened yesterday...got word that an Antique Gold Tribeca (have been busting tail to find one, didn't want to pay da*Bay prices) was available so I called and did a charge-hold. Examined it at the shop (outlet) to make sure it wasn't cracking, had a dustbag, etc. Got it home, pulled it out of the bag, looked at the creed to see if it had a bullet (I don't even know why I looked, it wasn't like I was trying to pass it off as a FP purchase) and.............

    THE CREED IS UPSIDE DOWN!!!! LOL!!! :nuts: I'd take a picture of it, but the metallics photograph so poorly that you won't even be able to see it. I don't think I've ever even seen an upside down creed. I've seen an upside down Coach carriage on the front of a Madison bag, but an upside down creed? Quite frankly, I find the whole thing hilarious! I literally LOLd when I saw it.

    Anyway, the question is, do I take it back for an additional markdown? I sure as hell am not returning it...I think the fact that the creed is upside down is quite funny (and unique...and nobody knows that the creed is wonky but me--well, and now you all) and I want to keep it. Plus, they don't have any more and I doubt they'll get more in.

    It costs me almost as much as, say, an additional 10% markdown would be in tolls and gas, plus the time commitment to go all the way back...I know they don't usually sell "damaged" (although I don't even think it's damaged...I think it's just "irregular") items w/o a final sale tag...they probably don't even know the creed's messed up.

    What is the % off a final sale, in addition to the regular discounts, usually? Would it be worth it to get a PA, or just chalk it up to my irregular find and move on?
  2. You could try calling them and asked to speak to a manager; tell her about the problem and that you know they don't knowingly sell damaged/imperfect goods but you bought an an imperfect bag at her store. Offer to take a pic of the upside down creed and scan the receipt and email them to her if she wants proof.

    Did you charge it? Tell her that you live quite a distance and would prefer not to make the trip back but that you are a repeat customer and ask to have a discount credited to your charge account. It's worth a try, good luck!
  3. Another thing you could do - is ask them to send it in to Coach and have them reattach the correct way also JMO - good luck.
  4. Call & speak to the Mrg. to let her know your issue, then ask to be put on Client Tracker for another. If one comes in, exchange it. Otherwise, since it's on the inside it doesn't distract from the function of the bag, so consider keeping it since you really like the bag.

    The upside-down Horse & Carriage plaque on the outside front would bother me, but I would overlook an upside-down creed if I'd been searching for the bag for awhile.

    In the end you are the only one who knows it's upside-down, other than anyone who knows you from tPF!
  5. I have no idea if this would work, but a couple of weeks ago the Hagerstown store had quite a few of the gold tribecas in stock. Potomac Mills had at least one last weekend. I know Hagerstown only does charge holds, not sure about PM. I realize inventory changes, but maybe call and see if any of the other stores in the area still have one and put it on hold. Then go to and/or call Leesburg and explain the situation and see if they can call the other store for you and have them send it to you at their expense. That way you can avoid having to make the trip out to another store to go pick it up.
  6. I just got a final sale item (Audrey with a small mark on it) at the outlet and it was an additional 30% off of the outlet price but I couldn't use a coupon since they were also having the 20% off coupon then, so I really only got an additional 10% than what I would have got with the coupon. Another time my daughter was checking out something and they would have given her an additional 10% to make it a final sale (and I believe they had coupons then too). So, it seems to be only an additional 10% off for a final sale.
  7. I say just keep it, the additional 10% isn't worth it and makes it a FINAL sale, which means no more returns ever! The Final sale part usually irks me. Plus, only you and now us knows the irregularity of it so no biggie. Congrats on finding the bag that you have looking for for so long :smile:
  8. ^^you never know with a final sale item...they marked down my Tribeca patchwork tote an additional 30% for missing a shoulder strap (though it never had one to begin with lol) and allowed me to use the 20% off coupon as well. So it might be worth it to give the mgr a call! Good luck!
  9. I would keep it... upside down creed is one of those "ooops!" that I think makes it worth more... like my bronze metallic shoulder bag that I got at Lburg that probably should have never made it to the outlet!

    Unintended bonus, You can look straight down on the serial # now and read it easier :smile:
  11. This has happened to me before. (Sort of) I got home after a 40 minute drive plus tolls and saw that the bottom of the bag had pen marks on it. I called and spoke to the manager over the phone and he decided to give me additional % off over the phone back to my credit card. (I originally did a charge hold too!)
    Hopefully they'll take care of you.
    Let us know!!
  12. I'd say it can't hurt to call and ask for a credit, and if they tell you no, just tell everyone you have a "limited edition" bag, only one ever made, lol!
  13. I would keep it but still try to get some money off the price, its worth trying anyway.
  14. I'd give a call, but if nothing happened, I'd just deal with it. Nobody will ever know but YOU. If you love the bag and you're planning on using it yourself, it's just not a biggie....IMHO