What Would tPF Do?


What would tPF do?

  1. What?! You crazy - USE those pockets!

  2. Stick to not using them - it's not worth the wear and tear.

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  1. I am still in shock over being able to get my hands on a Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy... However, I think I may be acting irrationally. :rolleyes:

    It seems like the koala locks get scratched over time and with use. So, instead of carrying around a bag that has its brass pieces all scuffed up I have decided to never use the front pockets. I use the front zip but not the small twin pockets on the front. Am I crazy? Did I just spend that much on a bag which I am not using to it's full potential? :wtf: I have noticed from pics that some people use the pockets while it appears that others do not. Please vote in my poll as to what you would do. Does anyone have recommendations or advice?

  2. I dont use the front pocket of my noe speedy either :smile:
    if I do its just to put my phone in and i dont close it :smile: so therefore no scratches :yahoo:
  3. So good to hear that I am not the only one. :yahoo:

    The results of this poll are surprising. I would have thought a least a few people would have thought me crazy. :nuts:
  4. Apparently we're all crazy! Crazy about our bags LOL. I am definitely one of those people who does crazy things to avoid scratching or damaging my bags.
  5. I don't use the front pockets on mine either. :nuts: I just consider the pockets decoration on the bag & keep all my things on the inside.
  6. You're not crazy - I don't use the front pockets on my manhattan as well, for the same reasons.
  7. It's funny almost everyone that sees the bag is immediately drawn to the pockets asking if they are real/functional and each time my eyes get huge and I say yes they are BUT I don't open them. In my head I am chanting "please don't open them - please don't open them". hehe They have definitely become a decoration piece in my mind.
  8. I don't use the front pockets on my Baggy PM's either.
  9. I wouldn't use the front pockets, either! Hopefully I will have a neo speedy soon!!!!
  10. I don't use them, but mainly because I don't need them. The zip pocket and the one inside is enough for me :smile:
  11. I just got my fuschia speedy and havn't used it yet, but i think i will use the pockets....i use them on my demin baggy pm.....
  12. I wouldn't use them (which is what I voted for).

    It is a nice bag though! :smile:
  13. yep, never used my front pockets!! And therefore no scratches! I just use the front zip if i need to! So no you are not mad! lol xx
  14. For those that do use the pockets - what do you find yourself putting in them? Is it a PITA to get in and out of them frequently?
  15. I would not use them. I have the mini pleaty and have to use the buckle, but I don't on my baggy pm.