What would round out my collection?

  1. Okay I am just thinking for future purposes.....the next podium, etc

    what color and style would round out my collection?

    I am thinking on the lines of kelly, birkin or HAC....or maybe a bolide...

    but...I have:

    30cm brighton blue birkin clemance PHW
    35cm raisin togo birkin PHW
    35cm rouge garance clemance birkin GHW
    36cm HAC vache natural
    32cm black chevre kelly PHW
    and...orange swift massai.

    any thoughts on the colors really?

    thanks all....I want to be prepared if case something fun comes up.

    with all these 32cm HAC popping up it really makes me want one....but I have a nice birkin collection...

    anyway. thoughts! :smile::heart:
  2. How about a Kelly 28 sellier? Would be quite different in your collection!
  3. Something etoupe or toundra?
  4. see I am thinking I want a clutch something something very evening. maybe a black box smaller kelly or something like that. but that might be a seperate thing...

    I love etoupe but I am really loving 32cm HAC fjord in vert fonce.
  5. you have a very well rounded group there! very nice.

    how about a blue jean kelly???
    or fuschia ostrich bolide?
    or cyclamen birkin? :graucho:
  6. I love the idea of having the same style in a totally different colour (and the size too). What about a blue jean souple Kelly 35. Then maybe two Bolides, gold and rouge H. And perhaps Lindys in ebene and parchement to round it up verrrry nicely ;)
    Ooops, that's 5 bags :smile: But I just love the idea of pairs...:angel:
  7. What about a Kelly longue? black box with PH or GH?
  8. Dear Ms G:

    I see you are a COLOR person too!!! How about something green, fushia which you may fill-up your rainbow???

    Curious to find out what you will decide???
  9. oh good suggestions!

    you know honestly I have a hard time with ligher colors and blue jean really doesn't strike me. I think its pretty but it doesn't work for me!

    I am growing on fuschia but I am typically not a pink person.

    I wish there was a green that strikes me. vert fonce might be a good way to achieve a black type color that still isn't black.


    and i love those natural leathers too.

    natural chamonix would be fab too. hhm.
  10. oh and couldn't something in matta barenia croc be wonderful
  11. Olive is a pretty, neutral green also.
  12. Vert Fonce was stunning when I saw it in Togo :drool: I literally couldn't take my eyes off of it. I don't usually love H greens. My skin is very olive and a lot of their greens are yellow and olive-based so they look weird on me. But VF looked like it had some more blue in it. Not teal, but a really great dark green and a good substitute for or update on black.
  13. Maybe a smaller kelly, like a 28 in croc...
    or a JPG Kelly....
  14. I like the idea of a smaller Sellier Kelly for evening. Or, have you considered a mini Bolide in an exotic? Sooo fun!