What would one expect to pay for ...

  1. a 36cm HAC in chevre leather? :sneaky:

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  2. Do you mean retail straight from Hermes?

    Oh, and spill what your pretty little self has up your sleeve!!!
  3. I was told the one in this pic (fuschia HAC behind the orange Bolide) was $7,400 but I'm not sure what the size was...it looks like the Bolide is a 27cm, maybe that can help to gauge size, or at least give you a round-about area of price for the HAC :shame:

    *and the price was told to me after the recent increase
  4. i payed for my 36Hac/Togo by end of last year EUR 5.000
    Now the same bag costs 5.450EUR in my store(+ chevre is a bit more expensive)
  5. Ladies, thank you so much for your replies.

    Any guesses as to what size that HAC is in the pic that Neeya posted? Could it be a 32? Is chevre a common leather for a HAC?:shame:

    KB, nothing up my sleeve just yet but maybe some day! Soon! I hope!:sweatdrop:
  6. ^^Definitely not a 36. A 32, perhaps even a 28.