what would match????

  1. i need a matching wallet with my new gallery tote in black. any suggestions??
  2. Well any black leather /sig wallet should look nice or you could do a contrasting wallet in almost any other color, red would look good. Good luck!
  3. i forgot to mention it is black signature tote
  4. I'd get a black leather wallet so I could use it with all Signature and leather black bags.
  5. How about this? It has both the sig. and the leather, so you can switch them....[​IMG]
    Or this?
    If you would like a splash of color, how about this?
  6. I use a black signature Chelsea Accordion Zip with my Gallery Tote. I just :heart: it!
  7. thanks LAltiero85 u r so sweet.
  8. Awww....thanks...so are you!:blush: