What would make you exchange a bag?

  1. I'm sorry for all the posts lately but i am so torn. I love my Denim tote, but yesterday i noticed the tiniest little mark on the strip (on the front of the bag). it is so tiny no one would probably ever notice it. the problem is, i noticed it, and now i feel like i have a $298 defective bag on my arm. I don't want to feel that way.

    But i feel that if i go to my store to exchange it, they're going to look at me like i'm crazy or something.

    what would you do?
  2. Honestly if I saw it and it bothered me I would defintely take it back, its too much money to have something wrong you think of everytime you pick it up.
  3. BTW I love the Eeyore picture in your icony thing, I used to collect him til I had no more room, now its purses ;)
  4. If it bothers you that much, then take it back. Otherwise that's all you will think about when wearing it!
  5. take it back.....my dogs name is eeyore so thats cool....
  6. Take it back and get a brand new one without any flaws. Then you will be happy.
  7. I bought a pebbled leather satchel last year that was so cute. When I tried it out and home I realized that I couldn't deal with not being able to fit it on my shoulder so it went back the next day.
    IMO the bags are a little too pricey to have something bug you about them.
  8. Oh take it back, you were already concerned about the C's lining up. Are you sure it isn't buyers remorse!?! If you really like this have them pull a few to inspect. It will bug you if you don't.
  9. i agree take it back and find one you 100% love
  10. take it back, get something u'll love or have them carefull y inspect the bag before you accept.
  11. I would take it back as well b/c you will ALWAYS be looking at this....even from a distance YOUR eye will see it...that's how I am too, so I can relate to this! I hate when you get a sig bag and there is little threads you have to literally pull off w/ your nails in the jaquard....you cant imagine how many bags I returned b/c of that! If you arent happy bring it back and compare 3-4 together on a table and then pick the best one! Let me know how it goes!
  12. I'd take it back and look over a few others to find the right one.
  13. I would exchange it for anything that bug me. When I spend that kind of money I want to be completely satisfied no matter how crazy someone thinks I am. Dont worry about what they think, if you feel bad carrying the bag exchange it and know it is your right to do so :smile:
  14. thanks everyone!!! :smile:
  15. and i am going to exchange it. i LOVE the bag. I would recommend it to anyone- don't get me wrong- i guess i am just picky about little things like this, especially when it cost a lot (for me anyway).