what would make a great first LV bag??

  1. Let's see..i'm 19 and i want a bag that will last me for awhile..TIA =]
  2. mono speedy or BH.
  3. How with Mono or Damier Speedy?
  4. A speedy!
  5. speedy has got to be your first.
  6. Definitely a speedy!! It's a classic.
  7. BH??? what size speedy then?? i'm 5'7" btw
  8. depends...do you like smaller or bigger bags? If smaller go for 25, if bigger go for 30. ^ ___ ^
  9. Definitely a speedy 30!
  10. speedy! :biggrin:
  11. Mono Speedy 30!!
  12. Mono Speedy 30 - every LV collection should include one!
  13. I say the Speedy.....it is the most classic of them all!
  14. BH stands for Batignolles Horizontal

    i'm going to go against the majority and say PLEASE DON'T get a Speedy. it's the most common and faked-to-death bag. i got the Monogram Speedy 25 as my 7th or 8th LV, and it's probably the only LV i regret buying, because EVERYBODY has one, be it real or fake. if you have a budget, and it's about the same range as the Speedy, get something like the Neverfull.
  15. Speedy 30 in mono !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!