What would give up for H?

  1. Had a conversation with DH about the possibility of me quitting my job and being a SAHM :heart:. Since we have enjoyed dual income for such a long time and are quite comfortable with it, we came to the conclusion that I may have to give up certain things ie. things that I generally buy myself in excessive, shameless amounts :sweatdrop: -- blings, pearls, shoes, facials, massages and of course H.

    I decided that I really should continue working :p.

    And now, I am 'aiming' for another Birkin and another Kelly and many, many, many small leather items I have decided I am going to get.
    To build my H fund as quickly as possible, I am going on a shoe ban :wtf:, and pearl ban :wtf::wtf:.

    Yup! Giving up these for the moment:sad:, just for H.
  2. Interesting...I have had similar subconscious thoughts along these lines for a while. Problem is...I don't have enough of those other things to "trade" for H!! So, continuing to work makes sense for me...:p
    I think I would miss my job, too, for other reasons.
  3. I am single have no wealty DH, or bf or so
    I work very hard , and so love anything H I manage to buy myself
    however my cottage really is very tatty so no more h for a while
    but working on new kitchen
  4. Hope you are happy with your decision...and all you future purchases.
  5. tricia .... I'm on a watch-ban, shoes-ban and bling-bling-ban (with exception of H bling-bling) ... It's the best strategy to hasten my acquisition of the H items that I have explicitly expressed to my SA. I have no idea when they will arrive ... but I am saving for them.

    I think nothing beats being able to earn your own shopping money. :yes: I still get to meet you even though you work, so I am happy my friend. :heart:
  6. i've got nothing to trade. :p
    that's probably why i'm doing all this waiting!:nuts:

    more often i find there are times when i'm ready to trade hermes! just when something major or scary comes up or threatens to be an issue (health concerns, etc.) and i think, "who cares about hermes, just let everything be okay and i'll be happy!"
    and then everything turns out okay, or manageable, and i go back to hermes.:love:
    i love it and it's something that makes me happy, very happy, when things are perfect.
  7. tricia--a kidney???:p
    agree with mrss, as long as I get to see you, all is well:yes:

  8. yikes me too!

  9. Very funny Asa. BTW, how much can a kidney fetch?

    And just in case I never have the chance to say this to you :flowers: and MrsS :flowers: -- thank you for always putting up with my "gotta go before 1" nonsense.
  10. I feel the same way, it's great to have the security of knowing your H will come in handy should you ever have a dire emergency. but, i'm curious would you give up se* if you could have all the H you wanted, anytime? lol. Hard question!
  11. ^^ Nope! Will not give up se*, that's for sure :p.
  12. I just quit my professional job to be a SAHM (well, my last day is in June). I've been squirrelling away the extra from my paychecks this last year in prep for this transition.

    I've saved enough for one more H bag and I have some saved for a second, but I plan to sell everything not nailed down in my house on eBay to have extra H money (and I figure it'll help clean out my house too....YAY!).

    I plan to give up super nice clothes (won't need them for awhile anyway) and I'm going to just always ask for gift certificates for B-days, mother's day etc. to get the occasional pedicure or manicure.
  13. ff -- sounds like a good plan! You'll be able to have the best of both worlds!! This is always my plan to sell to buy...dh needs a new lawnmower and I'm thinking "well - what do you have to sell??!!!" lol.....
  14. Good planning FF :yes:.
  15. :yes: This is so true!