What would be your pick.. pls help

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  1. Dear TPFs... if you have given a choice..what hardware would you pick. for each of the bag below...

    B30 - if the bag color is Anemone..Leather is Espom
    what Hardware would you pick ...Phw or Ghw??

    B35 - if the bag color is Etoupe,,, Leather is Togo
    what hardware would you pick phw or Ghw?

    if you have pic to share that would be a great help... hehehehe..

  2. Anemone- GHW
    Etoupe- GHW
  3. I'd pick PHW for both
  4. Anemone PHW
    Etoupe GHW

    Get both!
  5. anemone PHW or GHW, P being my preference
    etoupe PHW only
  6. I'm a gold hardware girl all the way, so hands down GHW for both!!!!!!
  7. I'll go for PHW for both.
  8. wow..thanks all... seems this is really a personal perference.... would Phw more cacual? and ghw would be more classic and has a luxury touch?
  9. I have 35B etoupe in GHW and it is stunning. But because of white stitching this bag would work and look beautiful in PHW also.
    So if you got both bags then I would choose anemone GHW and then etoupe in PHW for variety of colors and hardware. HTH. By the way I have been lusting for anemone B30 and I wouldn't care if it was PHW or GHW. Maybe PHW a little more to have variety. But I find GHW makes most leathers richer looking but PHW more crisp, edgier.
  10. Thanks Onthego.. great information... do you mind sharing a photo of your Etoupe with GHW?
  11. I would pick anemone PHW - the bright color would look stunning and modern, esp since anemone is such a cool color.

    For the etoupe, I am usually a PHW gal but etoupe GHW looks very classy and stands out more IMO.
  12. Anemone ghw
    That's what I did for my latest so
    Etoupe I will take phw for white stitching
  13. Anemone - either GHW or PHW will look amazing.
    Saw a number of pics of Etoupe with GHW and it looks really classy and dressier. Etoupe with PHW looks a bit more casual to me.
  14. I am GHW person, but two colors I prefer with PHW are Etoupe and blue Jean. So, Etoupe with PHW and Anemone with GHW. I have Etoupe with PHW in my collection and hoping to add Anemone one day.
  15. Anemone = GHW

    Etoupe = PHW

    Good luck deciding