what would be your perfect life...

  1. What would you consider to be your perfect life? Within in reason, what is somethings that you are hoping/wishing for in the next few years or for the rest of your life?

    I want a baby...or two. That's all I long for.:smile:
  2. hmmm fame and fortune, but if that doesn't work out for me...I just want to be happy. Really happy. I would like to have a job I love, and live comfortably. I'd like friends again...I have them, but they live in another country. So really close-knit friends that are actually around me!! I'd also like to live closer to my mom since she's on another continent.
  3. Danica, I totally know how you feel My mum lives on a different continent too and all my friends are back home. I miss them terribly:crybaby:

    But you have many friends here on the PF.....but I understand how you feel....hugs to you:flowers:
  4. I'd like to move back to NY to be closer to my family. I would like to forge some friendships with women that I trust and can have fun with....I have been here 11 years and have only made a few friendships even similar to that. I would like my marriage to be strong and healthy and find a job that is less stressful than the one I have now.
  5. Ideally, I would go out of state for my bachelor and master's degree. I would have a job that I love, preferably living on the east coast in the D.C/Virginia area. While most of my current friends all want to go to Oregon and Washington, I hope that I will still be able to see them. I also hope that I would make new friends that I could trust as much as my current ones. I would be living happily and comfortably in my own place.
  6. hmm..
    I would love to be stress-free. & spend most of my time traveling around the world :biggrin:
  7. Spending more family time..like on vacations together..PHH works ALOT(hes a doctor).....so more quality time would be perfect!
  8. Me too, that, and my loved ones continue to be safe and healthy.
  9. I would love to start an animal rescue:smile: specializing in small breed dogs
  10. I have mine for the most part!:shame: :yahoo:
  11. "Within in reason, what is somethings that you are hoping/wishing for in the next few years or for the rest of your life?"

    Boo! Well, so much for a heart-skippingly handsome, charming, super intelligent and educated doctor gentleman who's totally into me and a plantation of money trees. (Shallow, shallow, shallow!)

    What icechampagne said, mostly. I'd like to travel and live a relatively stress-free life, monstly. I'd like to have a job that permits me a relatively high degree of financial freedom while being something that I enjoy.
  12. :huh: :huh: :huh:
  13. I would like to live comfortably enough to have all my bills mailed to my accountant to pay. Not have to worry about my kids college funds, retirement funds, etc. I'd love to have a beautiful house on a horse ranch. I'd love to be able to give money to my family (parents, siblings, in-laws, etc).

    BUT, I'd settle for happy, healthy, comfortable, and loved.
  14. To be able to earn a bit more money so I wouldn't have to worry about that part in my life.
  15. Pretty much what I ended up with:

    I wanted to travel, and have covered much of Asia and Far East extensively through work.

    I wanted to expose myself to a variety of culture and socio-economic classes in order to broaden my mind, and feel I have accomplished that through travel and education and environment.

    I wanted to experience being successful at a career.

    I wanted a husband with whom I could have a working partnership, and at age 40 managed to find him (better late than never).

    I never wanted children and thankfully have had none.

    I always hoped I would have time and health enough to pursue whatever interests might intrigue me this day.

    We're not rich or famous, just hard working middle class folks. But we feel rich in spirit! :yes: