what would be your perfect bag...???

  1. hey everyone....

    i was talking to my friend last night about bags (of course) and i came to the conclusion that there is NO perfect bag - dont get me wrong i totally love:love: all my bags that i have got and cant wait to add more!!! But theres just not ONE actual bag that has it all - am i wrong? have i actually lost it?:wacko: so i was just wantint to get your thoughts...

    how would you describe your perfect bag? (you can provide pics if you like)
    if one of your current bags is your total fav, what is it? and
    do you think it can be improved?
    what do you look for in a perfect bag?
    is it better to find a perfect day bag or evening bag?

    thanks :amuse:
  2. The most important feature to me has always been an outside pocket in which you can fit your keys or cell phone for easy access. There are not enough stylish bags that have this feature....or they don't work well like with the Chloe Edith outside pocket.
  3. I gotta say that a Birkin is just about perfect. What's not great about it is the availability and the price!
  4. Im going to have to say my City Bbags. Perfect size, weight, durability, and versatility. I have yet to find a bag I love more.
  5. Oh this is a tough one! I have to agree with Kat, a Birkin is as close to perfect as they come- with the exception of their availability and price.
  6. I LOVE Carlos Falchi small doctors bags. I have one in black and one in cream. I love the size, the pockets, the stitching, the craftmanship, the two tassles, everything. Check them out on the Bagshop.com
  7. I agree with the poster who said an outside pocket is essential. Preferably two or three. Here's my list of must haves: leather, shoulder carry, a couple of outside pockets, at least 4" wide, 11" tall and 14" long (!).

    So, these are the bags I've found that meet the specs: MJ Stella, Hogan Media (large), and the Tods Miky. That's it! Or at least those are the only ones I have. MJ has several more styles that qualify as does Tods but I haven't gotten my hands on them yet...
  8. I agree with Helen, I just couldn't settle for just one. I guess I am a little greedy.
  9. Yea, no such thing as the perfect bag for me. I'm just too fickle. Although if I had to make some adjustments, I would say an LV whose leather doesn't patina and is impermeable to stains/waterspots etc. I would also like white leather bags that don't stain....wishful thinking I know.

    Oh yea, and the almost perfect bag would have THE perfect price.......$0!!!!! Ha!
  10. i already own the perfect bag for me...and it is of course the Charlotte 24!!!!! :smile:
  11. My perfect bag has to meet this requirement: strong as steel but soft as silk shoulder handles, spacious, multi multi pockets, waterproof, repels dirt, spillage and nasty marks. And last but not least it should double as a baby sling/carrier hehe.
  12. for now, it is my ferragamo, I guess it has a sentimental value coz it was the first really expensive bag that I bought, and I have always gotten wonderful comments from others about it.. very classy...
  13. As of now, my Balenciaga first is my favorite & is perfect for me!
  14. the perfect bag is the balenciaga work... carries tons of stuff and is still light weight. easy to carry and comes in beautiful array of colors.
  15. idk if there is a perfect bag for me
    but if there is one there out there
    i have yet to find it