What would be the perfect chanel bag for me?

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  1. Here are LE FACTORS XDD

    Under $4000
    -Can carry on the shoulder ( and crossbody if possible )
    -has a turnlock ( not always a flap but has at least a pocket or compartment with turnlock )
    -Does not look too plain that it wont have that chanel vibe or spirit when someone sees it from a distance
    - Not patent or shiny vinyl. I like classic looks but not dangly and flashy ones.
    -Can hold:
    2 long wallets that are thick
    A makeup pouch ( 7 by 4 inches )
    A hard sunclasses case
    3 phones
    a water bottle

    Shoulder drop more than 8 inches

    Thank you!! =)))
  2. Cerf tote!
  3. Cerf
  4. Try Country Chic flap. It's seasonal but can be found on the bay and will be released again for this coming cruise.
  5. Large Elastic CC
  6. Try Large French Riviera ;)
  7. Chanel 3 in large size
  8. All large size seasonal flap (about $3300) , PST, GST?
    Chanel 3, french rivera, chic caviar, shila caviar, coco rider?... plenty of choices
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  10. Um
    Sorry forgot to add. Should not have an open environment ( like open kind of bag like the post ) and it should be under $3500 sorry I was thinking for something else. I dont like these

    Chain me totes

    And I don't like these colors
    Pink, yellow, bright green, purple
    They're too flashy. I saw the country tote already and tried it on it was too awkward for me.
  11. I don't mean to sound harsh but many times I see people expecting way too much for what they're willing to pay for Chanel. If you know Chanels well, you're basically asking for advices for a classic purse with a seasonal price. Unfortunately, people who are WILLING to pay the money aren't getting the classics they want, so I would suggest either 1. adjusting your price 2. decreasing your expectations 3. find another brand.
  12. Chevron flap

  13. Have you seen the coco pleates flap? Its nice and only $3200.. I think someone did a reveal here a week or so ago
  14. I think you could look at the shiva. I have one medium. Holds a ton of stuff and still have that classic look but very practical and low maintenance
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