What would be the cheapest way to get the yellow gold Cartier bracelet?

miss lohan

Oct 12, 2008
hey guys

ive been craving for that bracelet, without the stones for such a long time now and i am giving in this spring and have decided to get that bracelet since its just so perfect and timeless..

now i live in amsterdam and here it retails for 3250 euro for the yellow gold one!

i know in the u.s the bracelet is much cheaper and with the current exchange rates its gonna be even cheaper!

or even u.k where the pound is falling so hard now it would be cheaper to get it there./

i already emailed the two boutique in u.s and u.k but i dont know if they would ship it over here and if theres gonna be tax that comes on top of everything which is gonna come down to the same price as if i would buy it here

do you guys know any other options? or how much the bracelet costs in u.k and u.s?

i mean i just refuse to pay the double price for something that i can get much cheaper from a different place, and no, ebay is not an option, i want it brand new!

help me out guys, i wanna be rocking that thing this summer!!!


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
The cheapest in a retail store I've heard of is in the Caribbean ! Aren't flights from the Netherlands cheap to Dutch Antillies ? :yes:


Apr 19, 2007
London UK
Due to where you are, you may find it best to travel to the UK and get it from here, I think my DH got mine for around £2500 ish, but this was about 1 years ago or so. Due to the falling pound, if I bought the one in Amsterdam, it would cost me £3250 which is a lot.
Make a trip of it, or if you have family in the UK or friends they maybe able to buy it for you.


Aug 9, 2007
The cheapest option would be to get staff discount. But first, you'd need to know someone working at Cartier. Sorry, I'm not much help I guess.