what would be the best

  1. louis vuitton, every day bag for an almost 50 year old that is classic, yet trendy, not passe and easy to use and find things in that can also fit over shoulder for under 1000? any help would be appreciated!
  2. How about a Saleya MM? I like it because it has a zipper on top and can fit over the shoulder.
  3. Cabas Piano or Tulum pm.

    edited - Tulum is a little over $1000---$1100 maybe? Gorgeous bag however.
  4. BH - classic, always in style and has multiple uses.
  5. what is a BH? (ignorant of LV!!! thanks!)
  6. BH - Batignolles Horizontal
  7. i checked out the BH and liked it...however, i'm wondering if it's an everyday bag or more of a "book bag" type bag...it looks to be the perfect bag, but, is it too big for everyday and does it fit comfortably on shoulder?
  8. I agree with the choice of BH!
  9. I like the BH but when my dh saw it on me he said it looked like a "tote". His exact words were "it looks like something someone would carry papers and folders in". Most of the ladies here adore this bag. I had it but sent it back because it is TOO horizontal for me. I will probably get it again though eventually lol... Its great for toting things. It does not zip though.
  10. I am 50 and just purchased the Lockit Vertical - I love it! And it is a shoulder bag. But it might be a little large for you, reading your post.
  11. In Monogram, I would say a Cabas Piano ($915), a Looping MM ($875), a Popincourt Haut ($860) or a Lockit Horizontal ($965).

    In Damier, the Saleya ($885).
  12. bh or cabas piano or lockit horizonal
  13. ^^ second that! :tup:

    Perhaps a popincourt haut, cabas piano.
  14. Popincourt haut.
  15. Alma mono.