What would be more traumatic?

  1. My dad and I were talking about fears. I told him that clowns freak me out and he told me that he was always unsettled by the guy in the head to toe costume.

    This got us to discussing the Goofy costume specifically, and we agreed both of these would be equally traumatic, depending on the child: Seeing someone covered up in a Goofy costume, or seeing someone in a Goofy costume with its head off (Goofy body, real guy head).

    I thought the second one would be more traumatic and my dad said the first.

    Just out of curiosity, knowing your kids, which one would freak them out more?
  2. Neither would freak out my kids...but I know a few people that won't go to Disney here because they (adults) are afraid of the characters!
  3. Well, I don't have kids but rest assured I think that clowns are the second most hidious creatures to inhabit this earth.

    The first most hidious are fake bags.
  4. ^ LMAO!!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I agree so much, I'm terrified of clowns.. :s
  5. I second that nothing scarrier then a clown....Carrie from SATC couldn't have said it better.
  6. Krusty the Klown and Ronald McDonald are okay. The others . . . . *shudder*
  7. I love Goofy though! I love Disney characters so I'd pick the one with the cotume but human head. As a kid, that would piss me off I think.
  8. Clowns freak me out, too.

    Goofy is not my favorite, but wouldn't freak me out.

    So #1...for sure!
  9. :roflmfao: I agree
  10. LOL so true...
  11. I had nearly forgotten about this until I started reading this thread. When my daughter was about 3 years old, her Grandmother got her some sort of a limited or anniversary edition Ronald McDonald doll as a Christmas present. She freaked out when she opened the box. It was so strange, she threw the box as far as her little 3 year old arms could hurl it and screeched. I tried to get poor Ronald out of his box a couple of times after Christmas but every time, it freaked her out so back in the box he went and stayed. If I had to guess, he's still confined to that box somewhere up in the attic - poor Ronald. :sad:
  12. Neither one would freak my child out. She's never been afraid of anything like that.

    I tell you what, though. I've been underground at Disney World. Most people don't get to see what I've seen. Characters walking around with all of the costume except for the head. Doing things one would never expect a Disney character to be doing. Kills the whole illusion.

    Anyway, things like that are no big deal to me. In fact, nowadays, I would be more "freaked out" about sending my child to public school than some silly old costume!
  13. I think clowns really take the cake on this one. They are scary-looking, I don't see how something like that is supposed to make us laugh
  14. I say both would freak my 2 yrs old dd out. I took her to Disneyland when she was 1.5 and she freaked out when we took pics with mickey n minnie. And the following two nites she couldn't sleep well. Believe me, she woke up screaming in the middle of the nite!! So now when i take her to amusement parks, I try to stay away from anyone dressed in costume.
  15. Totally agree with you on the clowns, their painted faces FREAAAKKK me out!!when i have kids no clowns on their birthdays lol
    by the way i love your seal pic:yes: