What would be included in Chanel presale at NM?

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  1. I got an email from a SA from NM telling me Chanel is going to have their handbag presale on Monday. Does anyone have any idea what would be included? Are caviar flap bags ever on sale?:shame:
  2. I just called and SA said they won't know until Monday.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Caviar flap bags are almost impossible to go on sale. But hang on tight. I am going to head to NM during lunch, which I know the crowd is going to be crazy.
  5. what usually goes on sale gals?
  6. Can anyone venture to guess what will go on sale? I'm thinking maybe the Outdoor ligne - if not the brown and black perhaps the red and blue in that collection. I remember reading in here the Outdoor wasn't a best seller and I saw several bags at my local NM earlier this week. I'd love to get an Ultimate Soft on sale! I won't buy any old bag for the sake of a sale; it has to be something I would really love and use, like my Cambons.
  7. I would die if the Ultimate Soft went on sale....highly highly doubt it. I love that bag to death! The large (or is it XL, the $1675 one) version at least seems to be a pretty scarce/high-in-demand item; I saw it at the Chanel boutique a week or so ago....hesitated about the purchase....when I went back it was gone :sad: Then I had my Saks SA try to track one down for me -- and she's been on the phone with a bunch of stores and it seems that there's only one Saks that *might* be willing to release it -- it's currently on-hold for another customer.

    Does any NM stores have the black large/XL Ultimate Soft by any chance?
  8. I doubt anything great is going to be on sale...probably older fabric bags....
  9. This summer didn't the Cambon line go on sale? I remember seeing Reporter bags at sale prices. Were they bad sellers? I always see them all over the place. Cambons that is - not too many reporters.
  10. I am hoping that it would be the cambon line (which I absolutely love) and the fabric(two seasons ago) classic flaps. That's where I am going to put my money on. This past summer they had the reporter bags on sale as low as $700 I think. But I doubt the white CC on black/black on black reporters will go on sale.

    I spoke to my favorite and most helpful SA at NM and she said that she would have the details on Monday morn.

    Btw, what's the ultimate soft? Sorry I am not too familiar with that. Are you talking about the diagonal CC ones?
  11. They have some left over summer bags and a large black on black reporter on sale at the Michigan Avenue Store.
  12. Items on sale at NM
    Cambon black on black reporter - $2,381
    Large Tote Nylon (Looks like black satin and quilted in the front with a flap) - No price
    Sherling (not sure whether I am spelling this correctly) but it has fur at the edges. Measures about 14"x7" - $1,137
    Stingray in blue and white - No price
    Caviar burgundy flap bag 11"x5" - No price
  13. I got the large tote in nylon. I bought for my baby girl for weekend trips to the grandparents. It was about $700...
  14. THanks a lot.
  15. NM fashion Island also had those and a small tote pony hair with black patent leather...