What would be an acceptable asking price?

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  1. For an 06 Black City - perfect preloved condtion, fantastic leather BUT has a broken zip on the front pocket? Could be repaired by hand or professionally i imagine!

  2. 1050? jmo. of course, depends on how good you think the quality of leather is as well, cuz people will pay more for that...
  3. Have you thought about getting the zipper repaired before you sell it?
  4. I recently bought a brand new 06 black city for $890, one girl in the authentication thread says this was an 'ok' price to pay for a black 06 city, kinda made me feel i got a crappy deal and should have waited for a 07 city.

    Is the bag the Y tag?

    I think you could prob get $800-900 for it realistically. But like kathy k says if you fixed the zip you could prob get a bit more.


  5. I am closing this because it involves selling and right now this is not permitted in the balenciaga forum. Thank you for understanding!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.