What would be a practical choice?

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  1. I have been searching and looking for my FIRST Chanel bag. It is a big purchase for me and I don't want to regret my choice. So, I have been reading posts and comparing different types of bags. Since I am new to Chanel bags, I'd love feedback/suggestions.

    So, I want a bag that is sort of classy but practice to use. I found that bags that are not practical and convenient to use tend to just sit in my closet, like a few of my LV bags (hand held only). I want a Chanel bag that can be worn crossbody and probably zipper closure. For those of you who have the flaps, do you find the flap kind of in the way when you try to get things in and out? difficult to open? I also would like the bag to be around medium size to hold essentials (e.g., a zip-around wallet, sunglasses, car key, tissues, lip balm, cell phone, etc.).

    However, I do like the look of the flap, so pretty. I just don't know if it's convenient to use. Also, for crossbody types, what would be a good choice? I don't think the WOC and minis are practical for me. What are other mid-size choices?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. Take a look at the boy bag. It's a great and practical cross body bag.
  3. Check out the Boy in old medium and new medium sizes! It's not as dressy as the classic bags so you may be able to wear it more regularly. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  4. Thank you for the suggestion! I just don't quite like the boy bag's look:wtf:. I know, I am probably among the few that don't like it.
  5. Do you want it for everyday use? Or for nights out? Or both? What colors and what bags do you have a lot of already?

    Have you gone to the Chanel boutique? There are SO many to choose from. There are seasonal flaps/bags too that may fit your bill.

    My suggestion would be to go to the store and see and try them out. Sometimes what you want won't even be available to buy.. sometimes what you never knew of will be there and what you need.
  6. have you tried out a Chanel slg? that might be a good way to enter the brand at a low price point and figure out what type of leather and style most appeals to you, without jumping right into a bag. personally, i had about 15 Chanel bags before i even bought a classic flap b/c it just was useless to me. i like crossbody and zippers, and chanel often does the more user-friendly designs like that as seasonal pieces. like the easy caviar, shiva, duo color. i havea duo color, it can crossbody, has a zip top, and looks just like a classic flap. i say look at seasonal pieces and don't feel you must get the classic itself.
  7. Thank you! I will. I saw one that I like at Boutique Patina. The shoulder drop is 20 inches. I emailed the shop owner if that strap would work for my height and weight. I'm worried that it may be a little short. I'm 5"4 and 160 lbs.
  8. I would like to use it more for going out to dinner, shopping, etc. but not everyday use. I have red, light pink, white and beige. For this one, I would like it to be red or black. Sadly, where I live does not have a boutique. Last time when I went to New York, I only went to Prada and should've gone to the Chanel boutique, but at that time I was not thinking of getting one:crybaby:
  9. Wow, thank you for the information. I will look them up as a lot of them I don't even know what they are! I did see a duo color on Portero that is very pretty.
  10. yup I agree....Seasonal pieces might just be what you are looking for..

    Ive been on the hunt for practical bags that kinda fits your description too.. just that im using it casually rather than formal.

    There are really nice ones that came out mid-late 2015... you might wana look at the resale mkt.

    2016 releases hasn't been too attractive for me.. so i'm hanging on and see what's good for F/W'16.

    Meanwhile, I grab a Single flap JUMBO for my casual use =) Much lighter and keeps more!
  11. you might really enjoy the easy flap. it has the look of a classic flap, but has a zipper & since it zips you can also carry it w/ the flap open for a more casual "i don't care" look. i find it to be a modern version of an elegant classic :smile:
  12. +1 and it has a zip! Right? (Not 100% sure)
    Don't get a boy if you're worried about flap getting in the way OP, the boy flap is so long and it does get in the way... The classic flap length is much better and I like the look of classic more than boy

  13. +1
  14. If you do get one, after your few responses I think you should go for black whatever bag it is for casualness :smile:
  15. It's so hard to decide on the color too! I don't have any blacks, so would like one. But, red is absolutely stunning, and blue, and beige for the spring and summer time. I guess what I need is $$:cool: Now, I am looking up the easy flaps.