What would be a major consideration before deciding on a rhinoplasty (nose job)?

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  1. I am interested about learning the pros and cons about rhinoplasty, and what should be my major concern in deciding. Thanks!
  2. Hey mswendie, I think the MOST important concern is finding a good, experienced doctor. Obviously, a rhinoplasty is permanent and it will affect you for the rest of your life if the results are not to your liking. Please, please, please do a lot of research on a couple doctors, go to a consultation, and make your decision after. Try not to rush into choosing the doctor, and make sure you have 100% complete faith in them before going ahead.

    I also saw a blog post that advises how to prepare for a rhinoplasty consultation and lists some questions that you may probably find helpful. Let me know if you're interested and I can message you the link! (I've been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty too, that's why I've done so much research LOL)
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  3. Hi LoveKristina, could you also send me the blog post about rhinoplasty consultation? Have you decided yet if you're having the procedure? I'm going to an ENT doc first because I feel like something is wrong b/c my nose always feels stuffy. If I have a deviated septum that needs surgery I might as well go all out and get a new nose.
  4. Hi! I saw this while browsing through some blog, http://www.advancecosmetic.com/eng/choose-qualified-cosmetic-surgeon-australia
    I hope it helps. :smile: I am still in the process of weighing in on my procedure, but I'm already starting to see a strong contender for the rhinoplasty surgeon I would trust to perform the procedure. I hope your procedure also goes well for you!
  5. You should find someone who specialized in facial cosmetic surgery - face and body surgeons are VERY different. Someone who is a facial cosmetic surgeon, who further specializes in nose surgeries should be someone you seek for - for example: a facial cosmetic surgeon who is also an ENT.

    I managed a cosmetic surgery practice years ago which specialized in facial surgeries, so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
  6. I think what is immensely important is to obtain numerous views on any nose function that you might require, and choose first of all about the right surgeon, ideally the one who is able to show the best result for you, and who has great experience as well. Artistic ability of the surgeon to sculpt a nose in both proportion and harmony to a persons’ face and body-type can be examined with before and after photos of past patients. For example, when I had my rhinoplasty done in Manila by Dr Rino Lorenzo of the Renewed You Aesthetic Center, I initially visited his website and check out his before and after photo gallery just to get an idea of the results that he has made in the past. So far everything looked good. I can say that i made a good decision in getting Dr Lorenzo.
  7. Thanks for all your replies! I am planning to get my procedure next month! I can't wait to go through the process, most especially on the healing part. I hope my research and preparation pays off.
  8. Hi did you happen to stumble onto any good doctors in japan during your research?
  9. - Finding a good and experienced doctor
    - Finding someone within your price range
    - Asking the doctor whether he/she includes revisions in their price and how they feel about revisions
    - Finding out if you and the doctor are on the same page about what you want
  10. I never said cheaper is better. I'm sure there are doctors out there that would charge $20,000 for a rhinoplasty. But will their work ALWAYS be much better than someone who charges $10,000 for example? Not necessarily. There are doctors in my city who charge $7500, $12,000 and $15,000. The doctor who charges $15,000 is a new graduate and does not have much experience. The one who charges $12,000 has given people botched nose jobs (I have personally seen his work) and the one who charges $7500 has produced fantastic and natural looking work (on many, many clients). Just because you pay more does not mean your result will be perfect.
  11. You should set money aside for revision surgery if anything goes wrong the first time. Revision surgery is 2x the cost, so is one more reason why it is so important to find a good doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty the first time!
  12. I got rhino done ,very expensive doc
    But the pix I showed him it's not same ,nostrils size different n tip is still round not sharp , the worse decision I took was to tell surgeon to not to alar reduction,as it was good in size ,but now I really wanto do it with my new nose shape .ask ur doc how much height would he recommend u for the brige of nose ,as som docs grind it too much to make it very flat ,n don even leave room for revision .keep the nostrils thingi in ur mind n the area between ur lip n nose becomes larger or appears larger if u have dropped nose before surgery . Better to get fillers done on ur lips to get rid of big philtrum .thanks
  13. These were the main points that I asked about before mine
    1. Type of anaesthetic - I absolutely insisted on GA, some Dr's suggested LA but i absolutely did not want to wake up in the middle of rhino surgery. It's far too invasive for me to feel comfortable with that.

    2. Specialisation - I wanted a Dr who was specialised in rhino or at the very least facial surgery. I think facial and body surgeries are too different... I ended up choosing a Dr who only did nose and certain eye surgeries.

    3. Experience - Probably not applicable for some, but as I primarily wanted hump removal, and had the surgery in S Korea I was concerned that this type of surgery was less common. Most Dr's were able to show me enough before and afters which quelled my fears.

    4. Schedule - Each Dr seems to have very different schedules. I made sure all my surgeons worked reasonable hours and didn't do too many back to back surgeries. I wanted them fresh for my face!

    5. Revisions - This is super important. Should something go wrong and you want it revised, the revision should absolutely be included in the initial cost. Revision surgeries are super expensive and if the Dr isn't willing to take responsibility for their work, i don't want them working on me.

    Obviously you'll also ask about the procedural information, style of nose you want and cost, but there ones above are perhaps less commonly asked :smile:
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