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  1. Silver Patent Pigalles?

    There's a pair of ebay that I am eyeballing - they are very lovely - although a size 37.5 (where my TTS is a 37 and my Rolandes are a 38) so firstly not sure about that.

    Secondly, what would be a good price for these? Girl paid £400ish for them, has worn them around 10 times, and wants £200 for them - steal or no deal?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. It's not a bad price, since they're HTF now.
  3. Actually, the BH boutique has silver Pigalle 100s. I did not see the price, so I couldn't tell you, but for the one you're interested in, half of what she paid is not bad for a used pair.
  4. Thanks Laureen and Lavender - you guys are so helpful :smile:

    What do you think about sizing - should this be ok? The girl is local to me and she would be willing to meet me to pay/exchange shoes - but I would feel super cheeky asking to try them on?
  5. Ooh, I didn't know they were in stock, hmm....No, no pigalles!

    Haha, anyway, I think they'd be too big. I think you'd need a 37 or 36.5.
  6. There would be nothing wrong with trying them on before buying them!

    Anyway, is it the Pigalle 100 or 120? My Pigalle 100 size is a half size smaller than my Rolande/Rolando size, so you might be okay.
  7. She says in the listing 5 inch... not sure what that is - 100 or 120?
    I'm still unsure about the whole trying on thing - is that silly? I think it's just the fact that if I go to meet her and they are too small then what..I would feel like I have wasted her time IYKWIM?
  8. ^^They are the 120, and in that case, I really think they will be too big for you.
  9. Five inches is 120. Have you asked her if it would be ok if you tried them on before you committed to the sale?

    ETA: Sorry I didn't see Laureen's post.
  10. Yeah, they would be too big for you in the 120s. Had they been the four inch 100s, you'd be okay.
  11. Dammit! Are they really small made? Or is it just because they are so high?

    ShelleyM, I haven't committed yet, I just didn't know if it was a really cheeky thing to ask someone selling on ebay - I don't use it all that much.
  12. The higher versions are slightly big. You normally have to size down for them. The lower versions are closer to your true size.
  13. They are gorgeous! But unfortunately far far too big for me!
  14. Are you eyeballing the ones from Scotland? They are really nice. I think Silver Pigalles are sexy!
    Have you seen that youtube video of the woman in Silver Pigalles?!!