what would be a good color for a first birkin?

  1. hi!
    i would like an opinion on what would be a good color for a first birkin?
    my husband recently bought me for my birthday a 35 cm
    rose dragee birkin. i think the bag is gorgeous, but i live in nyc and it is not the bag i can carry everyday. i am very cofused as to if i should keep this color bag and hope that i will get another one in a future that i will be able to wear everyday or trade it now?
    i was offered to trade for another color. what would be a good color to get?
    i love blue jean but can i wear this color year round?
    i just want to hear what would be an ideal color for the first year round bag. i know black is most practical but not very exciting and besides most of my other bags are black.
    i will really value your opinions and can't wait to hear the response.

    please help:confused1:
  2. There are two things going on in your post, and I'd llike to address both. First, your 35cm Rose Dragee Birkin was a birthday gift from your husband. And second, you live in NYC and want a year-round Birkin.

    My suggestion is that you keep your birthday Birkin. It reinforces for your DH what a good idea it was for him to buy you a Birkin. And then you start wearing it (since it's nearly spring here) and begin to plant the seeds for your next Birkin, which you won't need until the fall when you tuck your Rose Dragee away until spring. For your year-round Birkin, you might like gold.
  3. I would say it depends on your husband. You know him better then anyone. My husband knows that we have very different tastes and I will return an item he buys me if I won't use it and he is OK with that. With an item of this expense I would trade it for something I knew I would use.
    I LOVE my blue Jean and I do wear it year round. HOWEVER, I must say that I am in my 20's and love bright colors. I think nothing is better then a bright bag to brighten up the winter months!
    Good luck, let us know what happens.:kiss:
  4. I know you said Black is boring, but darling there is nothing boring about a Birkin. If most of your other bags are black, it most likely matches your wardrobe. You could also get the goat skin in black which has a bit of sparkle to it or go with an exotic skin. That way it works with everything you have and has a bit more personality than an average togo black. By the way, how are you getting the ability to swap, is the H store letting you do that?
  5. depends on the outfit you wear on a daily basis - that would be the color! I will agree with MillStream - GOLD color birkin. It is classic and it matches very well with almost everything.
  6. i agree with millstream!

    and i would love to see a picture of it.
    ive been thinking about a fuchsia or turquoise birkin but rose dragee sounds great too!!!
  7. Hey rogicoco,
    CONGRATS on your birkin! With regards to swapping it (I assume with the store) I would ask you 3 questions:
    1). How much wear do you really think you'll get out of rode dragee? I personally think it's v. pretty but not a colour I'd ever wear - but how about you?
    2). Would it be totally OK with your DH if you swapped it for another colour?
    3). If you would wear the rose, what's the likelihood of you getting more than 1 birkin? If it's not v. likely I would swap it for something you'll wear (almost) every day.

    OK - the colour question. This is the hardest! I recently ordered by first birkin after 18 mths of pondering. I thought it would be ebene., which I wanted as a more interesting version of black. I wear SOOOO much black that I knew i didn't want a black birkin as well. But i needed a neutral that would go with all my black clothes. What I did was keep a diary in my Ulysee at work. Every morning I would check out my outfit & write down what colours would go. I used a short list of ebene, gold & rouge H. If all 3 would go with my outfit I wrote down all 3. Sometimes though, 1 would have matched better. In this case I out a tick under the 1 that would be best. I did this for 3 weeks.

    After 3 weeks it seemed that ebene & gold were about equal, with rouge H not too far behind. I went to Paris thinking I'd get ebene or some other dark brown. But when I held actually held the gold the (surprising!) decision was made. So I would encourage you to go to the store & hold some diff. colur bags. Even if they're not birkins or the right size, you will gwt a good idea of how certain colours look. Oh, and DH loved the gold because it was better in summer & to wear with white. I'm in Australia, so that was a good point.

    HTH. Let us know what you decide!
  8. I have to agree. Great husband!! Second, if it wouldn't hurt his feelings...gold. I wear that one the most...when in doubt...I wear it. It looks so much better after a couple of years of wear.
  9. thank you so much for you advice. i really appreciate it. i am really confused here.
    i just want to give you a little backround on how i got the bag and that's why i am in this situation.
    my husband and i just came back from a cruise last week. we walked into h store on one of the islands and to our shock was this rose birkin sitting on a shelf.
    at first when i picked it up i knew it was not the color for me being that i live in nyc and travel to work on a subway everyday.i can never wear it on daily bases and the sales lady told me that for the first birkin it's not very practical.
    i've never seen a birkin sitting on a shelf just like that at the store and so my husband told me that if i did not get it regardless of the color i would regret it. out of excitement we bought the bag. the sa told us it was just received by them the night before and i was lucky to get it.
    i do love the bag because it is gorgeous. i love it more and more every time i look at it.
    i was offered to trade by a known reseller who i trust because i bought a kelly from her. anyway the problem is what color? i love black believe me. my two kellys hard and soft are black and my few other chanel bags as well, that's why i wanted to deviate from that color. also at work i am only allowed to wear black so i wanted a little more color in my life. i've been wearing black year round for the last 8 years.
    i am so confused. do you think rose is the rare color and i should hold on to it or be smart and trade. i do also love red, gold and blue jean. if it was up to me i would have them all one in each color but since i can't i have to deside. my husband is leaving it up to me. he told me i could sell it and get whatever i want but what are the chances of me getting another one and i have no experience with selling so that trade option was next.
    now you know why i am so confused.
    just two weeks ago i had no clue that a birkin would come my way and i will be trying to deside what to do.
  10. i did post a picture of under pink bags on this site to show the color for rose dragee in 35 cm.
  11. Thanks for explaining this. Now that I understand it in context, and that your DH's feelings wouldn't be hurt, I'd trade it in a nanosecond for a bag you can wear year-round and carry on the subway.

    The Birkin you have is a hot, hot, hot new color, so I'm not surprised that a reseller would be willing to trade with you.

    We know you wear black every day, and it sounds like you'd like some color in your bag. Gold is a fantastic year-round color and a very elegant color. If this is your one and only Birkin, I'd go for either Black or Gold. If you have a choice of leather and hardware, I'd choose Togo and gold hardware because Togo is light weight and durable and gold hardware is the most classic. Just my two cents.
  12. thank you again. gold and black sounds like practical colors for my situation.
    this is the picture of my bag.
    i work one block away from the h store on madison avenue. i wonder if i went in there everyday what are the chances of me seeing the bag on the shelf?
    in 8 years i work in the area i've never seen one. i tried for years getting on the list and they would not even want to hear about it. now they tell me first come first serve. it seems like i had more luck in the caribbean.
    pink birkin for forum.jpg
  13. I think you're very fortunate to have gotten a highly desirable bag to trade with a trusted reseller. The chances of your getting a 35cm Birkin off the shelf at Hermes NYC are rather slim, even if you were to visit the store every day.
  14. i thought so to.
    we will be on a cruise in september and one of the stops will be in paris. i will also try my luck there for another birkin. i have to check what other countries will have an h store i could visit.
    i feel like a nut obsessing about birkins. i just can't help it.:wacko:
  15. Hmmm, if you think you'll be able to have a second Birkin then I'm back to my original opinion to keep this lovely rose dragee swift birkin. It's really a treasure, and you can wear it when you aren't taking the subway. It's such a stunning bag, and keep in mind that you can bring it to Hermes NYC for cleaning when necessary. Which reminds me, if you keep it you must not ever try to clean it yourself. Bring it to the experts at Hermes.