WHAT woud you do or Say ?

  1. was talking to a friend who works in China, she was saying that she went to a party (run by those foreign wives/girlfriends of westerners there) and nearly EVERYONE have a Balenciaga motorcyle bag but they were all fake :sad: if you were in such places, would u say or comment on their "fake" bags ?:shocked:
  2. no
  3. If your in China, Hong Kong, etc...and you called everyone on their fake bags....you would be talking all night!! There are tons of original bags wandering around, and just as many fakes!!!
  4. No, I wouldn't say anything. Some people can't afford to buy designer handbags, and if a fake makes them feel better and raises their esteem, then why not just let them be.
  5. I wouldn't say anything either, especially if everyone's bags were fake. OMG, I can imagine the drama...:lol:
  6. Only if you can stand being shunned and killing your expatriate social life... it's not worth it. Wear your real bag with pride and :censor: the ignorants with fakes.
  7. I wouldn't say a thing. Let people buy fakes if they'd like, maybe it's all they can afford and they feel good about their purchases.
  8. i wouldnt say anything. its not really your place to say. let them think its real ..
  9. I wouldn't want to offend or hurt anyone's feelings so i'd say nothing about it. What they choose to buy/carry/wear is their own business :smile:
  10. no i keep shut up it is none of my business if theirs are fake as it is none of their business that mine is real ;)
  11. I would say nothing because its none of my business. I would just look and wonder why they would buy a fake..
  12. I wouldn't say anything either.
  13. no, i wouldn't say anything.. u never know how that can affect her hubby's position at work if ever she was to say anything...
  14. I wouldn't say anything
  15. I wouldn't say anything. The only situation in which I would point out the possibility of someone's bag being fake is if that person wanted to sell it on eBay or something.