What works well with Pomme?

  1. I'm not a matchy matchy person, but I do like my accessories to compliment each other. I'm trying to plan out my purchases based on need plus color, sooo what do you think works well with pomme?

    I think it was said damier for one?
  2. PERLE!!!! I love the red and white contrast, it's just soo pretty!:drool:
    Damier and Azur are also pretty w/Pomme ^^
  3. ^ ITA. Azur and perle. Also denim, and framboise.
  4. I vote for Indigo! There are still some pieces around that you can find through 866-vuitton.

    Here's a pic:

  5. Traci's indigo is so nice and beautiful!! I like indigo and perle
  6. Mono, Damier, Azur, Indigo- Perle-Framboise Vernis, Denim, Epi (blue, black, ivory) Mono Mini (blue), Mini Lin (ebene, dune), MC white/black, Suhali (wht, blk)

    Pomme goes with so much!
  7. Yeah perle would be so hot :drool:
  8. Damier!
  9. :heart:
    :drool: :drool: :love:
  10. Perle, and Damier! :drool:
  11. I wish they made indigo in some kind of flat pouch!!
  12. Perle Vernis, Ivorie Epi, Red Epi, Black Epi
  13. Perle and Dameir!!!
  14. damier, azur or black epi!