What workbag do you recomend??

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  1. Hello bag loving sisters,

    I am looking for a real workbag that is very conservative looking. I like the look of the ones 'Ellen from TV series Damages' is carrying towards end of season 1. It may be a shoulder carry bag or not..
    If you have pics of your favorite workbag please do share (we love it when we can see those babies). Please do share what you have and why you would recommend it :smile:

    Thank you so much.

    Have a nice day
  2. I just started to use my extra large YSL Muse bag. I am an attorney so I needed a bigger bag to fit all my paper work and files in. It's perfect. It's consevative and a classic. I have it in a lighter shade of caramel so its perfect for the day time.
  3. Thank you PurseCursed. That sounds just like the thing for me, I will have a look. Thank you again and have a nice day :smile:
  4. No problem, glad to help!
  5. what work do u do, budget?
  6. Bag price is not a problem as long as the quality is reflected in the quality :yahoo:
  7. i love the look of a nice leather satchel

    alternatively a tote is good if u need a laptop. coach has some grt work appropriate bags
  8. Thank you Gabz, I will have a look and check out Coach bags (had not really thought of them as we don't have the brand in EU). Thank you
  9. I agree to check on coach bags. I use a coach leather diaperbag tote for my work bag. Good luck on your search.
  10. I'm a big fan of Mulberry and I use either the Bayswater (for days when i need to carry a bit) and the Alexa satchel when I can carry a bit less :o) Both bags come in a selection of shades and types of leather, I recommend checking out Mulberry's site... happy shopping
  11. What about a LV Neverfull? A lot of ladies in the LV forum uses it as a work bag :smile:
  12. The Tory Burch Robinson is just beautiful and very classy. It's quite similar to Prada's saffiano tote but at $550 it's a relative bargain to the Prada.
  13. Celine Luggage.
  14. Thank you ralewi :biggrin: