What will your pet be for Howl-oween?

  1. What will you be dressing your pet as for Halloween?

    My little toy American Eskimo Jasper will be Elvis and my adorable mix breed Oreo will most likely be Superman im still looking for his costume.:heart:
  2. I wish I could get a costume on my dog but she is a 130lb German Shepherd so she won't fit into anything and does NOT like being dressed up. I tried antlers on her for Christmas one year and she ripped them to shreds :blink:
  3. Cute!! Last year, my fiancee and I dressed our male chihuahua up like a major league baseball player and our female chi up like his gold digger wife!!

    We won the grand prize at Petsmart's Halloween costume contest!! It was so fun!!

    I'm not sure if we are going to dress them up this year...they honestly don't enjoy it:sad:
  4. my yorkie is going to be either a bumblebee or a mets player!
  5. last year my parson russell terrier was a bumblebee. this year i bought her a cute halloween tutu - it's orange and black and has spider webbing. think i might put the bee doppers on with the skirt b/c it needs something else to go with it. the kids in the neighbourhood love seeing her dressed up!
  6. Keno will be Darth Vader
    Pancho will be Batman
  7. My baby will be a lady bug.
  8. Millie, the black and tan doxie will be a spider, she will have a body suit with legs sticking out, Casey will be a red scorpion, same idea with the body suit and legs and prong thing in the back. My mom is making them.
  9. Seymour, my large Golden Retr is almost always SuperDog. Although one year he was a pack of Lifesavers - he didn't like that one very much at all!
  10. That sounds adorable! Do post pics please! Same goes for everyone else who's dressing up their pets! :yahoo:

    I am not sure if my dog will be wearing a costume...he gets sad and won't move when I put clothes on him :Push:
  11. My dog hate's when i dress her up. So she is going to be nothing. :sad: But my daughter is going to be a Octopus.
  12. My puppy and I are going to be pumpkins :heart: :smile: