What will your next purchase be?

  1. :tender: For me I think I will wait on my 35 cm Hermes Birkin Blue Jean.:tender:

    I have a long list of wants>
    A new Key chain
    New Jeans
    New Sunglasses
  2. I am waiting on some fall bags (LV mostly) to show up in stores!:yes: I am sure there will be something small (or not) in between.:lol:
  3. For me it's between a LV Batignolles Horizontal or a Coach White Mia...but who knows....maybe I'll be bad and get both!!
  4. I'm waiting desperately for someone from Saks to call me about a pink cambon !! Augh, it's killing me, I hope I get one !
  5. What size are you looking for?
  6. I've been looking at four bags:

    An LV -- preferably something larger, like a speedy
    A black coach tote -- black on black or non-logo microfiber
    black prada nylon tote w/ chain handles
    black on black logo Fendi mama bag
  7. Just a pochette - it's all I can afford right now ! :rolleyes:
  8. I just got my hudson PM 2 days ago..I guess I have to wait until August to get another bag..I am interested in Saleya MM or BLACK/WHITE L'epanoui PM
  9. An LV-my first! That will definitely be my next purchase
  10. Botkier Bianca bag in Black Leather
  11. A blueberry Balenciaga City. All I'm waiting on is a phone call from the SA saying that he found the perfect one.
  12. Coach pink zebra wristlet
  13. I am curious if Balenciaga's are losing their popularity. Usually when I would go to Neimans there wouldnt be a single bag, now in both stores I shop at they had such a pile including City bags.
  14. Luv2BuyBags, It's possible.

    Due to the wild inconsistencies with the leather (especially this past year) and I cannot think of another high-end handbag manufacturer that is like this, i.e. where one is unable to count on quality, craftsmanship and beauty with the first time around purchase. :shocked:

    The piles of bags left over in the stores are indicative of the maniacal leather variations IMHO.
  15. A Gerard Darel Charlotte bag
    A LV Honfleur Epi in black
    Hogan Weekend leather shopper in Vachetta brown
    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio handbag in Nordic Blue (love the Ostrich one but it'll never happen:crybaby: )
    Bottega Veneta Papavero Napa Cabat woven
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