What will your next LV purchase be?

  1. Me: I think a vernis houston. I wonder how durable this is...
  2. I have the houson in peppermint, it´s made in 99 if I remember correctly and has only slight marks of use. If you don´t bang it about and wear it with colour-leaking clothes, it will be fine! Lovely shoulder bag. I´m probably getting something Epi next.
  3. I don't know... there are a few things I like (perforated belts, a billfold for summer, the gousette coin wallet, maybe the mono carryall), but I don't know what I should get first... I don't know anything. Well, the only thing I DO know, is that my family's christmas gifts come first.
  4. i have a couple of bags on my graduation/birthday/Christmas wishlist, if i choose to descend upon my parents with it :lol:. i think i want the Suhali L'Ingenieux PM and/or Embossed Polly :graucho:. and i think i want one of the Perforated belts too :P
  5. The all vachetta one? It's gorg.
  6. Mines very durable, its been more than 3 years already...

    Here it is:
    vernis houston.jpg
  7. Yay I just got mine - just ordered a berry inlcuson bracelet ... but am not allowed it till xmas ... oh so excited :drool:
  8. I want a cabaz mezzo (not sure yet) and groom coin purse and multicolore wapity (sp?) case
  9. :supacool: I want the gold mirror speedy
  10. damier azur speedy 30 with a white MC cles for my birthday (march)!!! :wlae: :happydance: :choochoo: :happydance:
  11. I'm all over the place: miroir pochette, damier sac plat or manhattan GM. Oh hell, I want 'em all, LOL.
  12. no, probably the black one. i'm not sure yet :shrugs:
  13. Well, I just ordered a perfo cles which is my Christmas gift to myself. But, after that it will probably be a BH or mirror pochette (if I can get my hands on one).
  14. Saleya PM or Damier Speedy
  15. damier keepall, inclusion bracelet transparent... hopefully in paris :nuts:
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