What will you wear to keep you warm this winter?

  1. I've seen a lot of different posts for winter jackets (whether they're fur or fleece) and I'm very curious what everyone's favorite winter coat is. A picture would be nice too if you can find one:P
  2. Not exactly a coat, I know, but I'm really into knitwear at the moment and I will probably be wearing this Marc by Marc Jacobs shawl, I got last year:


    I'd love to get this Marc Jacobs shawl, but at £3,550.00, it's too rich for my blood(!):


    I also really like this Ralph Lauren wrap/shawl, but haven't found out how much it is, yet:

  3. I'm coatless so far :sad: Might remedy that tomorrow...

    I did buy a gorgeous little bright red jacket with an oversized collar and oversized buttons last month though, it's far too cute for words. It'll do until the snow comes.
  4. I love outerwear. I haven't gotten anything new for this fall/winter yet. I live in Texas, so we have probably another month or so before it gets cold enough to wear any!
  5. Wow! I love the Marc Jacobs shawl.

    I've got a related question. I've been on a mini-skirt kick lately, but it's getting kind of cold outside -- 5-10 degrees. Have any of you ladies worn mini-skirts in colder weather and _not_ frozen to death? Did you wear tights, socks, really thick socks, or what? ... or am I just deluding myself?
  6. I'm hoping to find a short, black duffel coat by Burberry but so far haven't seen one in the department store where I saw some last January... It gets around -30 Celcius in here during the winter so I definately need a very warm coat for myself!
    If I don't find one I might just buy a long, not so thick, black coat by Burberry. I saw some the other day and I quite like it. It won't be warm enough for the coldest days, but I can wear it during the end of autumn and beginning of spring.
  7. I get cold easily so fashion goes out the window for me when it's cold out. I'm in NYC so definitely not as cold as Finland but this is the coldest I can take! I have a white down North Face parka (knee-length) I wear on any given day and then if it's really cold a long black Metropolis coat (goes halfway down my calves!). When it's not too nippy I wear my shearling coat or burberry trench. I am also big into cashmere sweaters since I feel that no other material provides as much warmth without bulk.
  8. I've been wearing my black minidress with over the knee roundtoe sueded boots, socks under the boots. I'm not that practical so I may not wear tights with this even when it's much colder.... But I think tights (unribbed or ribbed) would be cute.

    I don't like leggings but that's a huge trend right now....
  9. I'm going to wear my floral painted tan shearling or patchwork fur for nights out; Ralph Lauren wool flannel blazer, red wool empire waist coat or Armani fitted flared skirt wool coat for day. I want to incorporate my fall 2000 gold Gucci leather trench too ... don't know how yet, it's a flashy coat, not warm and hate the cut (too large) when buttoned.

    I have other coats as well, and always buy more.
  10. I want to get a wool/cashmere black cape, fur capelet (vintage) and a tent coat too....
  11. I just bought a via spiga down coat from Bluefly. I really can't stand being cold, and the wind here on the east coast just blows right through wool! I have a fur hat from Pakistan, which is warm and fine by my moral standards (though perhaps not those of others), since the animals were killed for food first, and then the skin used but since I work in a bit of a rough area, I may have to get a fleece beanie instead. And rabbit fur gloves (sheared, not killed). Makes a big difference since I seem to have Raynauds in winter....

  12. I wear mini-skirts in Winter all the time.

    I wear them with opaque tights, or leggings with boots. :yes:

    In fact, in the Summer I rarely wear them more than about 8" above the knee, but in the Winter, because of the modesty afforded by the opaques/leggings I wear them much shorter. :biggrin:

    As long as you keep your extremities warm (head, hands and feet) you should be fine.
  13. i have two coats with Panama fur collars from Marciano which i bought two years ago, a black winter jacket from Guess and two white winter jackets from North Face and Mango MNG.

    i also wear earmuffs, because my ears are totally intolerant of the cold :sad:. my dad bought me a pair of Burberry cashmere earmuffs before i first came to Buffalo 3 years ago

    here's my Marciano coat. i have it in black and white :biggrin:


    and here's my North Face Metropolis jacket in 'winter white' :love::

  14. North Face fleeces and coats.
    Also a must have, is a Peacoat!
  15. :yahoo: woo hoo its going to SUMMER over here!!! :yahoo: :nuts: :wlae: :graucho:

    ***quickly logs out*** :shame: