What will you think if you see a 11 year old girl with a tokidoki bag?

  1. I'm just wondering because i am planning to get my little sister a tokidoki bag because she likes the designs soooo much.
  2. What would I think...? I'd think it's another typical day in Hawaii. *lol* We have children walking around with LV, Coach, tokidoki, D&B, etc.
  3. i would think damn her parents must be rich... well you don't really have to be rich... lolz. and shes one lucky girl... but my cousin has one and she's only 9yrs old. and my sister does and she's 11. and their friends at school have them too!

  4. thats foreal! lolz... even my little brother who's 7 has a cell phone! ahhaha
  5. Nothing, my little sister has been carrying them since way before I liked them, and she is 8 now :smile: They are inexpensive enough where they can carry them without looking like carrying their mother's purse, but cute enough to fit their personalities. plus I like seeing children with designer things, its cute.
  6. lol.. my daughter is 10 and she borrows my bambinos! my friend's daughter saved her money and she got some money for her bday and she used it to buy her tokis! =)

    i won't buy my daughter one just because. she'll either have to earn it, save for it.. or i'll let her borrow just the little ones..

    i haven't seen a kid here in sd walk around with a toki.
  7. Great!! thank you
  8. hahaha same thing here too! the kids are richer than me! mwhaha!

    i :heart: tokidoki:youre such a nice sis! so what print and style are you getting your lil sis??
  9. hey if it's a gift then sure buy her one! LOL.. im just being a mom to my daughter HAHA! you're sis will be so happy!!!

    i forgot i did buy my daughter a porta for her ds.. it was gift for her 5th grade graduation!
  10. a small bag like bambino or dolce will look good on her...go ahead and buy one for her!
  11. Although I'm not a parent, I sincerely thank you for doing your job as one. :smile: I get so tired of seeing kids who have their parents completely whipped. It makes me ill. :p
  12. aw thanks megami. she knows the value of money! =) then she appreciates it when she gets it. she knows they're not cheap bags for a kid.

    that's why i don't mind if she asks to borrow one.. and i'll let her on occasion..

    btw, the Ciao looked really cute on her. So Ciao, Bambino, Dolce works! =)
  13. thats good :biggrin: ...makes her feel good when she earns it :biggrin:

    yeah i think the ciao, bambino, or dolce would be cute!!
  14. Gosh, after reading everyone's post here, I think maybe I'm spoiling my two girls. My 7 year old has a CR bocce and my soon-to-be 5 year old has a foresta bocce. I got them way below retail, though, and they can only use them on occassion.:amuse:
  15. wow your 5 yr old has a foresta bocce?? that sounds sooo cute!!! im not a parent so i would say if you found those two bags way below retail then i dont think you should feel that bad about spoiling them not unless you felt that they didnt earn it (by having good behavior..etc)??