What will you say?

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  1. In few words, what will you say about your makeup? I would say... IT IS COMPLICATED :smile:
  2. It's fun.
  3. Quick, simple, neutral.
  4. Natural, soft & skin glowing
  5. Minimal, natural, soft shades and focus is on skincare.
  6. simple, professional, neutral
  7. Minimalist, quick, curated.
  8. LOL that's exactly what I would say when it comes to applying lashes!
    Aside from that- fun & creative!
  9. hahaha... :smile:
  10. One word....minimal.
  11. Natural, cover and enhance.
  12. Application? Relaxing.
    Look? Flawless
  13. My go to look: Quick, simple, natural.

    Expanding my skills: A learning process.
  14. It gets the best out of me ;)
  15. I feel much better with it than w/o