What will you get???

  1. Are there any bags out there that you were eying but did not want to pay full price for :wtf:? Now that the incredible mark down are headed our way, which Chloe bags will you snatch up when the sales start:sweatdrop:???

    I know I will definitely be on the hunt for:

    Heloise (preferably in red but if the price is good enough I may go for brown too).
    Quilted bay(of course)
    Paddington dome satchel( if I find the right color)
  2. Waiting patiently for a Betty, would really love a patent one. I've missed out on a couple of good deals but I know the right one will come my way...:whistle:
  3. would love a kerala!!!:heart:
  4. I am torn between a whiskey Edith and a brownish Betty, though I wouldn't mind getting a Paddy...
    As some of you said, so many bags... so little money...
  5. when are the sales actually starting???will be in NY for one day only..nov23...where should i go??TIA!
  6. What I would do Abi is take advantage of the sales on line and have the bag SHIPPED to where you're going to be on the 23rd (is that do-able). If your dealing with a store i.e. Saks (another thread), they can ship the bag when ever you want and how you want. Come to think of it online maybe difficult since they ship pretty much the day you order. Just a thought?
  7. Ali I think my list will look like yours.
    Would love the Heloise, Bay shopper, & quilted bay:love:
    Hope I can get at least one of these for a great deal
  8. I want another quilted bay bag in black! but I am waiting for a 50% off sale!
  9. I have my eye on the dome capsule in beigy/brown patent. And maye a Heloise in red - but the satchel kind. I say "Good luck" to myself since it will not be easy. The markdowns might not be good enough until after the holidays.
  10. I think I'm the only one who is eyeing this bag but I want the Anna! :love:
  11. Ali:

    I have a similar list:

    Dome satchel in patent leather(black or brown), quilted bay (spring colors though, so that means saving $$ till summer) and cherry heloise from NM 100th anniversy (Wistful thinking since that bag is sold out, i think...).
  12. Nordstroms is suppose to be having really good mark downs this month:woohoo:. I just called my SA to see if she knew which chloe's are going to be marked down and by how much, but she's not in today:s....

    Eucalyptic: I also asked her about the Anna(about a week ago) but she still hasn't gotten back to me about it...
  13. You're right, the best markdowns aren't until end of Dec. and Jan.:girlsigh:!
  14. I think I would like to buy a Bay, not the quilted one.
    But if I'll find a good deal... I'll keep my eyes open and save for after christmas period ;)
  15. ^^^^ITA^^^^

    Divnanata and I were discussing this yesterday. It's true! That's when some of the best deals are available, that's when I entered the no spin zone, LOL and plunged into mild CC hell i.e. mid-late Winter 07. But I have no regrets since the purses I purchased were like 70 percent off and beautiful.

    It's a daily excercise or l like to fancy fishing in the Mississippi river----you never know what your going to pull out. Trolling the webpages keeps you on your toes, "Which Chloe (Prada, Valentino) gem will flash before my eyes" at a phenomenal bargain. "Do I buy??? Will I ever see this discount again??? OMGOSH look at that price".. Just thinking about all this makes my heart race but alas with great sadness, since I will not be participate in this year's hunting season (sob). :crybaby:

    Good luck all you experienced vets and newbies to this season's hot treasures, which await you in a few short months.:graucho: