What will you get in Vacanze?

  1. So what will you get when the print comes out? Me, a MM, my friend in hawaii will use the check i will eventually send her to buy one for me. She'll be back in the states in March so...., kinda a really long wait but, I will eventually get it. If foresta comes out in the spring, I will get that too, maybe a denaro??? or a dolce.... hmmm.
  2. I wasn't sure about Vacanze at first but it's growing on me. I'm considering a BV or Avventura.

  3. i'm planning on getting a bv since i don't have that style yet..i can't wait^_^
  4. i'm hoping for a gioco with the right placement.. otherwise a zucca or buon viaggio.. or maybe dolce :p
  5. nuffin ! I dont like it !
  6. Planning on an Avventura.
  7. Most definitely getting a Gioco.
  8. hmm, i think i'm going to get something small like a bambino or ciao. Maybe a dolce.
  9. I preordered a BV, to use as a work bag. I was thinking about an Avventura, but I don't think I would use it enough.
  10. i preordered a BV, ciao ciao, gioco and denaro. not sure which bags i'll get but i'm leaning towards the bv and gioco.
  11. I'll get a Campeggio for sure and maybe an Avventura too.
  12. Pre-ordered a Zucca, but I think I'm just going to get a MM.
  13. Zucca fo' sure !
  14. happy toki, do the bags in Hawaii sell out really really fast? I'm a little worried cause when it comes out, my friend can only go down when she has time.
  15. One of everything! Just kidding - definitely a Zucca and maybe a buon viaggio.