What will you do to get to a Coach Store?

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  1. Today was not the best day for me to check out the Coach outlet. I have obligations on Tuesday evenings but I just had this feeling that if I did not go I was going to miss out on something. Plus, it always relax me after a long day at work:biggrin: Now for the bad part, our area was under a weather advisory with high winds, pouring rain and hailstones the size of nickles.:nuts: I went anyway thinking that I could get in and out quickly. Guess what? I did not make it and I was sooooo scared. I prayed all the way back home!
    I'll do it first:lecture::bagslap:I deserve it all! I will never do that again.

    I was right about one thing. They had the legacy striped foldover wristlet on clearance. I also grab something for my buddy.

    This was a lesson well learned!
  2. aw hope you are ok. but love the wristlet!! how much did you end up paying for it if you don't mindme asking!!
  3. glad your ok now. that wristlet is gorgeous.
  4. Wow! I'm glad you're okay. I know it's hard when you finally get a chance to get to Coach and weather/illness/insert your dilemma here intrudes.

    Beautiful wristlet!
  5. Oh, Betty, how awful!
    I hope you are feeling more relaxed now!

    Your instincts were right, though! What a find!:yes:

    You can't go wrong with Legacy!
  6. Whew! What a day! I've done that exact same thing before. DH thought I was nuts, but I was having a craving, what can I say. Glad you got home safely and found a beautiful wristlet to boot!
  7. Glad you made it home okay. I've done some negotiating to get to Coach, mostly at my job but haven't had bad luck with weather as of yet. Cute wristlet!
  8. haha, your story kinda reminds me of last friday, i called coach at about 750 and they are about an hour and 15 mins away to see about a bag. (khaki/gold carly) they told me 5 available nationwide, might be gone tomorrow morning. so i had to have it, told my husband and toddler lets go and sped off. made it in time but boy did i speed and almost didn't make it cuz they closed at 930. whew.. the things we do
  9. Wow! I'm glad you're ok!! I love the foldover wristlet!
  10. thanks everyone, I am fine today! Excited about my beautiful legacy foldover wristlet that i paid $89.00 for.

    please be careful out there. Danger comes in all forms:yes:
  11. Betty Boop, I did the same thing yesterday. Went to KofP and could see the storm coming in from Plymouth Mtg. Parked by the mens'dept at Nordies, ran in and got my Chloe Edith Double Pocket and ran back out (not raining yet). Grabbed my wallet and moved my car to NM. Parked under the overhand and ran into Coach. Got my PCE card & then drove home, praying a tree wouldn't fall on my car! Told the Coach SA I would order Fri.
  12. It's amazing the lengths we all go to for Coach. *L* I'm glad you're alright. I know how scary it can be, driving in rough weather. At least you got a great score! :smile:
  13. Yep, I'd have done the same thing! :tup: And I have! Went rushing across San Antonio one time in a major downpour to get to a mall across town by the time it opened at 10 a.m. Took a 'shortcut' which is a known flood area and thought it didn't look too bad so I drove through it in my Trusty Toyota Tercel. Then I hit a REAL flood a half mile away. Turned back and I was STUCK!!! Couldn't get back the way I came and had to wait for a truck to get me out. :shame:

    I did make the 6:00 news that night waving to the helicopter. I didn't know he was filming me. I was just glad I didn't climb on top of my car and dance or something!

    Love the wristlet!!!
  14. Love the wristlet!

    I've headed to the outlet with only 15 minutes to shop with 80 minutes driving because I had to pick up my kids at a certain time. Nothing dangerous but definitely crazy!
  15. love the wristlet!

    Guess we all do crazy things.
    Drove to almost 6 hrs total to Richmond this past weekend to place my PCE order because I don't like our local boutique