What will you do if this happened to you??????

  1. In no way is this behavior acceptable! I can't conceive of any lawful reason for anyone to do this, save when I'm unconscious in the hospital emergency room! I think you should sue her!
  2. Lv or not, opening someone's bag is plain rude.
  3. Very rude n unacceptable
  4. I don't think it has anything to do with your bag being LV, I think she was trying to steal. Did you go to HR about this? I mean, catching a coworker going through your purse is a serious issue!
  5. Omg !! I would be furious!! I would definitely report her. How do you know she wasn't trying to steal cash or worse.... An lv accessory!!? Also wonder if she's done it before?
  6. You need to tell your supervisor and her @$$ needs to be fired. I couldn't even imagine that. It's a violation of privacy and personal space. This now makes me think if she's done this before and you didn't know! I pray this never happens to me! I would literally act up! Sorry this happened to you!
  7. Escalate to your Manager AND go to HR. Her behavior is unacceptable.
  8. I would be reporting her to HR and making a formal complaint.
  9. i think she is trying to steal as well, why not report it to ur manager or something?
  10. I agree this person needs to be reported. That is totally unacceptable! I don't even let my husband looking through my purse...
  11. That's such an invasion of privacy! I would defo report her. How dare someone touch your belongings without your permission!!
  12. That sounds like something that should involve the manager. Totally preposterous.
  13. That is SO rude!! :rant: Report that bish!
  14. This is definitely an HR issue..
  15. Wow, that is insane. I would report her to HR. LV or otherwise, it is just unacceptable.