What will you absolutely refuse to wear, no matter what's "in"?

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  1. I absolutely refuse to wear horizontal striped tops or those big plaids that are supposed to be in now. I'm slim, but I have boobs...Horizontal stripes and plaids make me feel fat on top.:rolleyes: :lol:

    I cannot see myself wearing leggings again. I just don't get that.

    You all know my thoughts on the skinny jeans...even on skinny people. :yucky: :lol:
  2. leggings!!! :yucky:
  3. Fur :yucky: & huge sunglasses!
  4. Wedges, Espiralles(?), and anything that shows my tummy.
  5. no animal prints for me. ever.
  6. Ditto for me. I'm not a fan of leggings and hoping the trend will end soon :P
  7. Those capelet things... that's bad news.
  8. Leggings, skinny jeans. That was last trendy when I was 13 (1986!) and it was lame then too. What's next, leg warmers? Neon? Ew.

    I also will not tuck my pants into my boots unless I am about to get on a horse, and even then it's not really necessary.

    There are really too many awful trends right now to list them all in one post.
  9. I will not wear:
    Skinny jeans
    Poofy knickers (regular pants, not underpants for you brits out there)
    Anything that shows my midriff
    Jumper dresses over jeans

    There are things that are in style now that I've been wearing for years, even when they weren't. There are some things I'll always wear regardless of what's "in." Large sunglasses and ankle socks with short heels probably top the list.
  10. Oh...the whole Bolero sweater thing has never appealed to me. Why would I want to be warm from mid-chest up only? :rolleyes: I know, people like the look...but when I put on a sweater, I want my whole top part (or more) to be warmer.:lol:
  11. No kitten heels for me.:yucky: They just look and feel weird to me.
  12. Is that the shrug? If so then Yuk!
  13. What about the skort!

    Was the skort even ever in?
  14. The trends that I will never be a part of are:
    Fur(big no-no for me)
    1/2 sweaters/shrugs
    skinny jeans(get rid of those!!)
    dresses over jeans
    animal print
    skirt with uggs
    anything metallic
    All that stuff needs to go.
  15. Skinny jeans. Aboslutely won't wear those since my hips look bad with them.