What Will the Stars Wear for the Oscars 2010?!

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  1. The Oscars will soon be here, there's not so much time left until the 7:th of March now! Who else can not wait? :biggrin: (I have to admitt, I'm a bit of a "gala-freak", anyone else?)

    So.. I thought we could all have a chat about what the stars will wear? :graucho:

    What stunning gown is Anne Hathaway going to choose? Who is not going to the Oscars? What are the big red carpets trends going to be? And are there going to be any "Oh my god, what is she wearing?!" moments? And will anyone dear to wear something showstopping and different and not go for the safe chioce? Well, we can only guess..

    Come on and tell us what you think they all (or a special someone) will wear to the 2010 Oscars! :biggrin:

    I hope this is the right section for the subject, Nat said she thought it would be right here :smile: But move it if it's in the wrong place!
  2. So perhaps I should start with two of my favorite actresses? :biggrin:

    First Kate Winslet..

  3. And Drew Barrymore..

  4. Kate Winslet will definitely wear something gorgeous..she always does.
  5. The person to watch this season is Sandra Bullock, she's the frontrunner and ALWAYS looks spectacular. I hope she wears a something golden.........
  6. I absolutely agree with you. Such a stylish woman!

    I know ;) Nominated for best actress and everything!

    Though I'm curious to see what Cameron Diaz, Diane Kruger and Maggie Gyllenhaal will wear! Most of the time they choose something a bit more interesting :yes:
  7. I want someone to wear one of the cut-out ball gowns from Viktor and Rolf - I love these dresses!

  8. That would be so much fun if someone had he guts!
  9. I don't think anyone would have the nerve to wear that to the Oscars - can you imagine the reviews!?
  10. Haha I know. The people can't take that yet :P Although it would be very fun to see what everyone would say!
  11. [​IMG]

    What do you think of Cameron? She almost always chooses Chanel for the Oscars! Will she surprise us this year? :thinking:
  12. I really love those Viktor and Rolf gowns, but they're definitely for The Costume Gala, rather than the Oscars!
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    Sandra Bullock is the one to watch. This is her season.

    I think she would look stunning in red. If she wore independent designers clothing she could launch their brands. The dress is from Nalah's of Birmingham and the Clutch is the Venice in natural ring lizard by Fossati.
  14. Those are very dramatic. You'd be a stand out at the Oscars in a Victor and Rolf. Past Oscar fashion was pretty conservative.