What will take the place of discount stores?

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  1. So now that Loehmanns is going, what discount options are left? I used to find some fantastic designer things there, but have never ever found anything in Maxx, Marshalls, or Burlington. At all. They have things like Liz Claiborne, but never anything really high-end. Are all like this or do I need to find a specific location? The Nordies rack near me doesn't get the good stuff, either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?

  2. Hi! If you're in or around NYC then Century 21 is a good option. I find TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack to be hit or miss personally. Mostly I head online for designer bargains- Outnet, Yoox, etc. are always very solid. But I agree- for me it's not so much Loehmanns but Filenes Basement closing that's made it harder to get great deals at brick & mortar stores....
  3. I read on the makeup forum that people have found Nars at TJ & Marsh. I live on the east coast, in a heavily populated area, and have been to every TJ/Marsh in a 60 mile radius. What do we have?....


    Is it any wonder that I will miss Loehmanns, where I have scored DVF, Pucci, Piazza Sempione, etc.
  4. Hi
    I love shopping and i am new in this forum ..
  5. I've found some amazing deals on designer duds, particularly shoes at Saks off Fifth and Neiman Marcus Last Call. I normally peruse the goods in-store locally but both retailers have an online presence and I've scored some good deals there as well.

    I LOVE Century 21 in NYC and make it a point to go often. They also have an online presence: http://www.c21stores.com/
  6. I have the best luck online to be honest.