What will Rockerchic come home with today?

  1. Ok, I've cleaned the house, walked the dog, done the laundry and all I can think of is "What will Rockerchic come home with today?" I thought it might be fun to start a thread and guess. Then when she comes back later today she will be suprised as to what we have been up to!

    We all know from her post she is "Jonesin' for a violet bag". So will she or won't she? One or two?
  2. Since her name is Rockerchic, I say she'll come home with the purple Rock and Chic bag if she can find it.
  3. Maybe a purple flap? I think that would be cool!!!
  4. :roflmfao: Sadly I came home empty handed!! I am now on the lookout for the violet caviar jumbo flap though! NM didn't have any:sad: !!
  5. ^Check out Neiman's in Boston, 617-536-3660. They had one recently. Keep us posted with your search.
  6. Mree, was that the jumbo flap in caviar? Irena told me nm only had the jumbo in lambskin (in the violet color). Thanks!!
  7. I saw a purple flap a few weeks ago at NM in White Plains, NY but I don't remember which one it was. It might have been the medium in lambskin but perhaps it's worth a call...
  8. Boohoo! I was so hoping you got your caviar violet flap! Hang in there, I'm sure she's out there somewhere! Hopefully, one of the ladies here can help. My store only has the lambskin too. :sad:
  9. :wtf: :wtf: