What will next collection be?

  1. Any guesses for next Tokidoki design theme for LeSportsac? Employees please don't spoil the fun ;)

    I don't work for LeSportsac/Tokidoki but I predicted the Pirata and Vacanze winter theme. Here are a couple more:
    - desert
    - outer space

    What do you think?
  2. Vacanze is the last collection for tokidoki's collaboration with Lesportsac.
  3. Isn't there word that a new line of Tokidoki bags will be released by Le Sportsac, but they will not be your regular Le Sportsac bags? I thought I read that somewhere, either here or tokidokiblog. If there are, a space theme could be pretty cute!

    Either way, I don't think you have to worry about spoilers on anything to do with these bags. There's as much misinformation out there as real, and it can all come from anyone. I don't think a single thing I've been told by sales associates has been correct. I even asked that they put a Pirata bag on hold at a store, and it turned out to not be a Pirata but a Trasporto. :confused1: When it comes to Tokidokis, I won't believe it until I see it. I still don't really believe that Foresta was re-released, and I bought three of them! (I'll believe it when they arrive in the mail...haha...)

  4. Really is Vacanze the final season with Lesportsac? What a shame, or is it their ploy to get us to buy up their stocks quickly so they'd make excellent collectors items in future??

    Actually might be true since the Adios charm isn't really a Qee by Toy2R anymore.
  5. Vacanze REALLY IS the last one (as of right now, at least). That's why @ Metropark they're advertising it as "Last Chance: Tokidoki" :/

    I think they might be re-releasing some of the old prints tho. Hopefully it'll be here in the mainland, so we won't have to pay jacked up eBay prices.
  6. Too bad, space theme would have been super cute !