What will Louis Vuitton be like in 2020?

  1. I was thinking about this question today. Considering Louis Vuitton has transformed dramtically from 1995 to 2006 - in the products and services it offers, I wonder what it will be like in 2020.

    Do you think Louis Vuitton will return to being more exclusive once more or do you think it will move into newer markets. It has now opened its doors to a wider variation of consumers - will it open them wider....

    What do you predict??
  2. I think LV will be open to newer markets, not that this is a bad thing but I believe that in the future everyone will be able to afford an LV, just look back to when LV started, it was VERY exclusive but now it is alot more affordable and becoming more affordable. It has moved on from its once market. I see LV alot these days and that number is growing.
  3. I predict that it will continue to get a bit more edgy but the prices will be greatly increased so that while the consumer base may be varied the "exclusive" factor will be maintained/regained.
  4. i think the design aspect will continue to grow and shock and be totally amazing...also the prices will of course increase and that might hault a lot of people from buying so much even if they LOVE the new concepts. i don't know, seems like a kinda give-take, love-hate future in the realms of LV, IMO.
  5. A cles will be 600 dollars. And there will be bags available for everyone with mini flat screen HD tv's on them. But to be honest...... LV will be edgier and have more of a WOW and what were they thinking factor.
  6. like zara for normal people, vuitton will be H&m
  7. How can you guys say LV will be downgraded?!?!? The prices continue to rise. Look at other fashions houses who have established themselves in the market, LV will be around for many many years and they will continue to be exclusive!!
  8. you tell em!..haha honestly i've thought about that before..wondering if it will still be as prestigous as it is now? who knows.............
  9. ditto to what sep said
  10. seriously... take gucci for example they still remain strong and their peak was in the 80's... the fashion industry fluctuates, goes up and down... trust me LV will be prestigious for another 150+ years!

    Designers who specifically design clothes, take Halston for example had their peak in the 70's... but today Halston is seen as something of the past. Designers who specialize in many other aspects of fashion continue to stay stong, like LV. I think if designers continue to release new LE bags, people will continue to feel as if the brand is prestigious..the bags that are not LE are seen as timeless because that is what LV is all about =)
  11. I think they will continue to offer ther products to a wider market until this starts to fail, and then they will find themselves going back to their roots to a reinvent themselves b revitalize the brand c because the highly coveted and highly exclusive brand they used to be.
  12. maybe LV will have an alternative brand, a cheaper one. ex. marc by marc jacobs, kenneth cole reaction..its gonna be like louis by louis vuitton :p or something like that..
  13. Expensive.
  14. I think it will become very pricey.
  15. Well, if we continue to see price increases like 5-10% every year untill 2020 I tell it will dramatically effect the consumers in core markets like japan. The increase in the economy and wages hasen't been nearly 5% for years and it doesen't seem to go anywhere either. Some goes for many european nations as well. I think China and Russia will be the new main markets for LV because of the masses of wealth and the masses of people.

    A country cannot have 40% of its people owning (new) Louis Vuitton when this is the pace at which everything moves, it's simple math.