What will life be like in 100 years from now?

  1. ...can you visualize it? Imagine how our favorite things are going to look like...What's the future of today's cars, appliances, etc.? Let's be creative and have some fun.
  2. everyone will drive flying cars
  3. Cars will be powered by hydrogen or some other type of world-friendly material, houses will be built differently and be more energy efficient. Grocery stores will no longer have tellers and everything will be done through a remote/scanning system.
  4. everything in minority report
  5. An LV speedy will be $5000.00.....lol
  6. We will all be living in "self containtment" pods. And 'living' will be done remotely via internet and/or virtually.
  7. This is a very scary thought if you think about it!

    I agree with the Minority Report comment, and the LV prices!!! That was great!
  8. Ha you brought up a question that always gives me goosebumps when I think about it! Honestly I think everything will be 100% different than how it is today. Such a scary thought...
  9. I think it will be like an Octavia E. Butler novel. Take your pick.
  10. I work in technology/education and I can say classrooms will be revolutionized... well, they already are becoming that way :yes: No more chalkboards, less textbooks, and a more seamless environment. It's really incredible the things that are happening with this!
  11. I agree about the Minority Report! I watched that movie the other night (it was on some channel) and I thought about the Pre-Crime thing and actually.. I mean they're already sort of trying to do that!

    I think that life will still look similar but we will be much more high tech.
  12. The thought scares me also. Think how much things have changed since 1907, especially the global political landscape.
  13. I think it sucks we won't be around to see it, but i agree with the minority report comment.

  14. says who? with medical advances what they are, i would not be suprised in the least if people are living into their 150s or later by then.

    but yes....many parts of minority report and irobot seemed very plausible to me. i cannot wait for the day where my car will drive itself in the city on a few gallons of water while i read the paper or something :smile:. however it scares the bejeezus out of me that right now, there's a chip in my passport and my dog.....can you imagine how they'll be able to track us 100 years from now? *shudder*

    did anyone see idocricy with luke wilson? that scares me too.
  15. there is one freaking Lexus that it parks by itself :wtf: