What will happen...

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  1. if I don't store my bags in their dust bags when not in use? I have dust bags for each of my LVs, but hate not being able to see them. I just got a neat purse organizer/storage unit, which has two rows of boxes (with the front side being open so you can see the bag inside), and I love it! It allows me to store my bags in the closet where they are organized, safe and visable. Will anything terrible happen to them if they do not "relax" in their dust bags? Thanks!!
  2. not much, dont wory, they wont implode or anything. the patina will just happen quicker.
  3. The patina will darken faster and they will get a little dusty. I don't keep any of my bags that are in my room in dustbags (the ones stored in my parent's closet are though) and they look fine.
  4. The leather will darken a little faster from the light, and they may get a little dusty, but nothing MAJOR! I label all of mine!
  5. nothing bad will happen. your bags might turn darker a tad bit faster, but at least you will have an awesome view of them.
  6. No harm to store them out of the dust bag. If any have vachetta it wil change colors quicker.
  7. You can leave them out of there dusts.
  8. I used to leave all my bags out of their dust bags all the time (up until this year though!), and nothing much happened apart from the vachetta patina-ing a teeny bit faster (if exposed to light, that is). If you store them in a closed wardrobe then they might just get a little dusty. Otherwise you should be fine!
  9. they will get realy dark.. but thats a good thing!!!
  10. Keep them out and look at them!!! Enjoy!!!!
  11. Leaving them out of their dustbags will cause the patina to darken faster, and they will get dusty. I've recently switched to using all white pillowcases as a compromise. I feel better because the bag is covered, but I'm no longer groping through all the dust bags trying to figure out what's inside. Also when storing them, I stuff them to shape. I put white paper towels through hardware so that when handles are down (like on a Speedy), the hardware and rivet don't discolor the vachetta. Last tip (don't want to bore you guys:nogood:), all pockets have white kleenix in them to prevent surfaces sticking leading to peeling...such as inner flap pocket on a Speedy, wallets, agendas, etc.

  12. Where did you get the purse organizer? Do you have a picture of it?
  13. I ordered it from LillianVernon.com. I think it was $29 or $39, made out of heavy duty, laminated decorative cardboard, and is pretty cool! Right now I just have 5 LV bags (my accessories are still stored in a box...), and a few other purses, so this lets me see everything when I step in the closet to select an outfit. I am quite pleased with it so far (just got it today). Sorry the pic isn't too great - best I could do in a hurry. Thanks!
    purse organizer.jpg
  14. I have a problem related to this. How do you guys store your speedies? The dustbag that came with my speedies are the flat shaped one, so you would have to fold the speedy again when you store it. Problem is, I don't want to fold my speedies because I'm trying so hard to get the folds out. Does LV have another type of dustbag that can hold an upright speedy? Can I go to the store and ask for one? Thanks.
  15. I only have 4 bags, 3 w/ vachetta and I keep mine stored on top of my closet sitting on top of their dustbags OUT of them bec. I get such pleasure looking at them. My mono speedy has too light of a patina, got it at the end of Feb. and it's still too light for my taste. My bv has the perfect amount of patina but I don't care enough to put it away in it's dustbag to freeze it's patina state, lol. My papillon I wouldn't want it to get any darker, yet I'm still not bothered enough to care to put it away in it's dustbag. Who knows I may begin to use dustbags but as of now I really like to be able to look at them.

    melvel, yes I found that the dustbags my mono speedy 30 came w/ is entirely too small to fit it stuffed, it's such a tight squeeze and a hassle, it's just not worth it. I used a pillowcase and tried that instead when I used to put them away in dustbags. Then I got my mono papillon 30 on eBay and the person that sold it to me gave me a really big dustbag for it that is perfect sized for a speedy 30. I would try to get one on eBay if you can or see if the boutique could give you one, although I hear they're not great at that sort of thing, unless you're a frequent customer.