What will happen to the Belle de Jour?

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  1. Sorry if there´s already a post on this, tried to search, couldn´t find any.

    Now that the logo of Yves Saint Laurent is changing to Saint Laurent Paris, what will happen to the Belle de Jour? Will the logo on it be changed? If yes, I have to get one NOW!! :faint:

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Is the large in Deep Red still available anywhere?
  3. for now there is no change in the YSL logo on the front, it has an extra logo that says Saint Laurent Paris (similar to Hermes and Celine) on the inside after you open the flap. you can see this one the new website.
  4. I noticed that the new revamped ysl website doesnt carry the bdj anymore
  5. The clutch will stay the same, the front flap will go all the way down in the front.
  6. yup, i noticed it too! i hope they will stop producing them :ninja:
  7. This is a dilemma for me because I wanted to buy the one in patent black. But, for the same reason I decided not to buy a Chanel PST, I might not buy a BDJ clutch.. I don't want to be stuck with a piece that is outdated and not timeless... Are you guys sure that it won't be discontinued?
  8. naachyan, actually i bought my black patent bdj because i think it lookssooooo timeless
  9. Spoke to an SA a few days ago and he doesn't believe it will be discontinued. They did just increase the price on them, so that may be a good sign (of sorts :smile:).

    It is so perplexing the changes and the lack of concrete info...
  10. me too, I would love to have also a piece of epic history, YSL was iconic brand throughout my entire life, and I want to own a tribute to it in form of this logo, and I do not carry logos on anything, hate it, hate it...but this one, I will carry with pride...it is timeless YSl for sure, their symbol clutch
  11. :yes:
  12. :hbeat:
    That's how I feel exactly. Hate logos generally but this one is special. :hbeat:
  13. oh i'm so agreee with you Vesna!!