What will come in at Bal NY next week!!!

  1. This is an email I receive from Bal NY about the bags they will receive next week!!! :P

    >Here is a complete list of what will be received next week:
    >First ($995): cement, truffle(mushroom), forest green(sapin),
    >blueberry, oxblood, fire engine red, white
    >City ($1195): cement, truffle, forest green, blueberry
    >Purse ($1095): truffle, blueberry, oxblood
    >Work ($1385): black, cement, truffle, forest green, blueberry, oxblood,
    >fire engine red, white
    >Twiggy ($1095): cement, truffle, forest green, blueberry, oxblood, fire
    >engine red, white
    >Day ($995): cement, forest green, blueberry, oxblood
    >Weekender ($1495): cement, truffle, forest green, blueberry
    >All bags in the colors blue/grey, olive brown, and caramel will be
    >little later--probably closer to July-mid July.
  2. Thanks, it confirms my email from Sarah last week! Ladies, get out those credit cards!!!
  3. Ackkk! OMG! They're coming out next week already? yay!!! Thanks so much for posting this! We have to wait until July for the blue/grey?!? Aw, man! lol. I wonder if the NM stores will have the colors in next week, too...I must do some research as I would *love* to see them in person! :smile:
  4. Can't wait to see the blueberry!
  5. I have questions too. Like do you think the oxblood will have red undertones as opposed to the bordeaux or do you think they are too similar? How do you think the red will compare to the rouge?
  6. I asked Joseph about it and he told me it's more of a true deep blue. It sounds pretty! :smile:
  7. That might have to be my first Twiggy:love: I love blue bags..
  8. I just noticed - no oxblood City bags! The sighs can be heard 'round the world:shame:
  9. Called Joseph and he answered my question regarding the oxblood, red and bordeaux. The oxblood has more brown undertones whereas the bordeaux had purple undertones. The oxblood looks more red. The red this season is more of a strawberry red as opposed to the rouge - he said it is brighter.
  10. The red sounds really nice... wow...this is so exciting! I wish I lived in NY so I could stake out the store! ;)
  11. That's what I'm thinking, too! :smile: I'm torn between the Twiggy in Blueberry or the upcoming Blue/Grey. :smile:
  12. im looking forward to a dark brown ...its kinda boring but i lol dark brown bags :smile:
  13. Ooh! So maybe only one more month until my blue-grey!!!
  14. So what is up with Oxblood? Why isn't it arriving in the City??? Is it a typo??? Very odd. :sad:

    p.s.--Thanks everyone for spreading the word

  15. I'm thinking of getting the blue/grey in the Part-time or maybe the Purse if it will be available.. Man, I need to come up with some bag funds!!!