What will be your Tiffany next purchase ?

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  1. Curious to know !!
    For me i decided : the medium lock pendant with diamond
    And the lock bangle with diamond

  2. Either something small like the beads ring, or something like the mini fleur de Lis key vs. the garden flowers earrings... Big purchase would be the Tiffany Victoria earrings but I keep debating if I should get them from a jeweler instead.
  3. Really debating the link clasp bracelet in rose gold... but worried that the clasps get loose over time and the bracelet will just fall off. :S
  4. more bracelets! :smile:
  5. I just ordered the plat. dbty necklace today! :heart: Can't wait for it to arrive!
  6. I'm also hoping for a platinum dbty for my next Tiffany purchase!
  7. I want one of the LE charms.
  8. I don't think just opening links would damage the links. When you beat it very hard, you should check all the links. The bracelet is not meant to be worn 24/7. Don't sleep with the blacelet on! I damaged it by wearing it non-stop for a month....
  9. Funny, after years of wanting one I finally ordered one today, too, and I'm also excited!
  10. Awesome! Which size did you end up getting? I ordered it blind..and went for the .08. :happydance:
  11. Hubby is looking around for an eternity ring for me, hopefully I can pursue him to get the Tiffany swing ring :smile:
  12. Something in rose gold... Still have not decided but I am having some sort of rose gold addiction lately... 😉
  13. After a lot of consideration I somehow convinced myself to get the .21 carat....now I'm on a self imposed shopping ban... Definitely my last fun thing for a while but I'm excited!
  14. A DBTY bracelet in platinum or something from the Victoria collection.
  15. Victoria tennis bracelet...