What will be your Staple Spring Bag?

  1. You know the one you carry more time's than not...

    I haven't decided on mine quite yet but would love to you what you all have chosen as your trusted everyday bag for spring.
  2. Mandarin Epi Speedy. But I also want to get a Lexington pochette in the perle Vernis for situations that don't call for a big handheld bag.
  3. Botkier in metalic pearl med. Trigger and Stirrup.

    I would love to have the YSL Muse or the new Marc Jacobs in white.
  4. LV houston in framboise vernis, and chanel medium tote in gold
  5. I think I will take out my Cerises and maybe denim speedy.
  6. Probably rotate between the following bags;
    MJ Petal Pink Sophia
    Lolli in Pewter
    Chanel white caviar tote
    MJ Stam in Putty
  7. I'll switch between my new purchases:
    BV ball bag in hazelnut
    Balenciaga Twiggy bags - white, rouge
    Mulberry Rosemary - tan
    Gucci - canvas with off white leather trim
    Dior medium gaucho - red
    Chanel small tote - metalic gold
  8. i'll just be carrying around the usual bags, b-bag city black, b-bag twiggy cornflower blue, and speedy 30 - not all at the same time, but will be rotating them around! :smile: hopefully, i'll get a new LV piece this week or next! :smile:
  9. I just bought a white Michael Kors satchel bag (for work) & a white Kate Spade clutch (out & about) so those two will be my spring/summer bags.
    I'm looking into purchasing a green or yellow leather handbag but I haven't found the 'right one' yet. :smile:
  10. I've noticed that I've been using my Speedy 25 (Monogram) more and more lately. I think I'll be switching between that, MJ Venetia and Sofia, and some Vera Bradley once it gets warmer.
  11. It'll probably be my Edith (when it arrives) and my white B-bag...
  12. I will use my speedy the majority of the time and bring out the Tod's lime green bag with certain outfits. I also have a very cute Vera Bradley pink paisley hobo that looks great with a few outfits I have.
  13. LV multicolor petite Noe and LV Cherry Blossom Retro- it's my favorite of all time! :smile:
  14. I think I will use my Cornflower Blue City B Bag - should be here Wednesday! Still shopping for my white bag for Spring...
  15. I think I'll be wearing my large tan gucci horsebit hobo all year :love: :love: :love: . And as soon as I get the darm thing, the Damier Saleya MM for work espcially. I love that bag!