what will be your next chloe bag?

  1. now that i got one, i can't wait for my next one. i think i'm going to wait for this one to go on sale:

    Chloé Leather Paddington bag - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    what is everyone else looking at?
  2. My next Chloe bag will probably be a patent large Betty or a Black Quilted Bay (I know, it grew on me!). As of right now though, my next handbag purchase will be a non-Chloe bag. A Balenciaga City!
  3. I'm on the hunt for a paddy hobo, in grenat, hopefully...as soon as my purse ban is over, i'll be hunting high and low!;)
  4. LOL, my next Chloe purchase will likely be a Choo :nuts:

    I am Chloe-heavy right now, but bag-happy because of it. :heart:
  5. Were I not about to engage in a major BAN :wtf: I think it would have been the quilted Bay in black . . . did not like it initially at all but completely loved it IRL and also I think it is incredibly practical since it holds a ton and can be slung over the shoulder if need be, so it could be a very stylish bag/tote/workbag IMO. Again, this all now a theoretical debate for me since I am gonna be sidelined this Spring! :sad:
  6. An unlikely purchase, but my choice is for an ivory quilted bay.
    The elisha kooba tote is more likely in my near future.
  7. The quilted bay is definitely growing on me QUITE a bit. But that's about it. I'm not too thrilled with the current creative direction of Chloe, but I'm sure they'll come around again. They always do! ;)