What will be the new Mini Lin colors???

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  1. I heard some where (cant remember where) that there are going to be new colors....can anyone tell me what colors & when will it come out? Thanks
  2. i heard it will be camel or sable. i also saw photos of a new diaper bag in 3 pastel colours: pink, blue and mint green :yes:
  3. yeah I heard sand but I guess it all kind of the same colour. btw what is the difference between mini lin & mini mono they look pretty much the same to me
  4. I think the main difference is the type of fabric being used:confused1:
  5. Darn I was hoping for a burgandy or cranberry....
  6. Hope there will be other colors.
  7. I hope there will be a red one.
  8. Pink!!!
  9. :yes: :yes: :yes:
    :love: :love: :love:

  10. That would be yummy..
  11. I hope for dark blue.
  12. i sure hope so....um...i want one in pink!!
  13. Pinkkk Pinkkk Pink!!!! :smile:
  14. I love Beige
  15. LOL I hope the LV designers are reading all of the requests for PINK!!

    I would seriously DIE if they came out with a pink Mini Lin Speedy.

    What shade of pink would you guys want?

    I am thinking Hot pink with baby pink accents???